Joel Graves is the host of Netflix’s latest reality show Snowflake Mountain. His brutal tactics are influenced by his job at American Survival Co, but off-screen, he’s a loving husband and father-of-two with wife Sara.

He burned the cast member’s belongings, before the ‘woke’ generation who made the show line-up went off to enjoy the wilderness instead of lie in bed scrolling on their phones. By the end, they’d all totally changed their priorities.

Despite his initial strict stance, Joel is actually a softie who has held a relationship with Sara Graves since as far back as 2013. She has been wearing a ring on her finger in photos dating back to nine years ago!

Meet Joel Graves and his wife

Host of Snowflake Mountain Joel Graves, from Jacksonville, Florida, is married to wife Sara Graves. Together, they have two children. She works as a paediatric registered nurse while Joel heads off to American Survival Co for his job.

From a young age, Joel has fished and hunted all over the country. After he retired from the Special Forces, he spent six months in a long-term survival program where he slept in a field for five months.

The married couple have a young son and daughter. Photos from 2015 show that Sara and Joel had a puppy and a little girl, until they were joined by a young boy they named Wyatt Stone two years later.

Inside Snowflake Mountain host’s marriage

Joel and Sara appear to have been married or engaged since around 2013, as pictures from that year show her wearing a ring on her finger. Photos of their relationship are flooded across Sara’s Facebook, including from 2012.

At the beginning of their almost ten-year relationship, the couple often went out for drinks with friends, went on boat trips and later, started to build a family with each other in Jacksonville, Florida.

Now, they live together with their two children, who they often take out for day trips and holidays. Joel mainly keeps his family life away from social media, but does feature a few pictures with Sara and his children on his Facebook page.

His American Survival Co firm

Joel is a founder and expert instructor at American Survival Co alongside Snowflake Mountain co-host Matt Tate. The combat-tested veteran and certified survival instructor offers private training for $275 a day per person.

American Survival Co teaches wilderness survival training, which includes fishing, hunting and trapping techniques, cold weather survival, weapons and hand-to-hand combat, and wilderness navigation.

He previously worked as a special warfare EOD on Seal Team 2, and has an extensive military background. Having completed 355 missions in his former job, Joel created the firm after serving tours in Iraq, Bahrain and Afghanistan.

The Netflix star was also a explosive ordinance disposal operator for ten years, working with army, police bomb squad units, FBI and the Secret Service, to name just a few groups he has collaborated closely with.



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