Netflix is having hit after this year, proving they are still the top dogs when it comes to creating original content.

From Love Is Blind to The Circle US, they have now added reality television to their roster of successes. But this spring Netflix has returned to what they do best: true crime documentaries.

Joining the ranks of Making a MurdererDon’t F*** With Cats, and more recently Tiger King, the latest docuseries to drop is How to Fix a Drug Scandal.

The new Netflix series (released on Wednesday, April 1st) will focus on the insane tale of chemist Sonja Farak, who was charged with using the drugs she was supposed to be testing. So, just who is Sonja Farak? Where is she now?

Be warned, for those who have yet to see all of the documentary, spoilers about what happens to Sonja lie ahead.

Annie Dookhan and Sonja Farak in How to Fix a Drug Scandal – Netflix

Who is Sonja Farak?

Sonja Farak is a 42-year-old from Massachusetts.

Sonja struggled growing up, and even reportedly attempted to take her own life in her teenage years, but despite all of her struggles, Sonja made it through high school as a top student. She enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institute to focus on science and graduated, quickly finding employment at the Amherst crime lab of the Massachusetts State Police.

While working at the Amherst crime lab, Sonja turned to the drugs she was testing as a means to escape her depression. Her mental health was severely impacted by her unhappy marriage.

Sonja took all kinds of drugs while working at the lab, including crack, heroin, and even LSD.

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Sonja Farak and the drug trials

In 2013, Sonja was caught stealing and using the drugs she was meant to be testing in the Amherst lab. It was uncovered that she had been doing so since 2004.


What started off as an investigation into Sonja’s drug use turned into one of the largest miscarriages of justice in the state of Massachusetts. Boston Globe reported at the time of the trial that “more than 24,000 charges from more than 16,000 cases in Massachusetts have been dismissed because they were tainted.”

The investigation into Sonja’s case revealed that evidence had been tampered with for over nine years. This lead to thousands of cases being dismissed.

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How to Fix a Drug Scandal – Netflix

Where is Sonja Farak now?

Sonja was convicted after a very public trial and sent to prison in 2014. She was sentenced to 18 months for drug possession and evidence tampering.

It is unknown what’s happened to Sonja since leaving prison in 2015. She has kept a relatively low profile since.

Amherst crime lab closed in response to the scandal.




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