Styling Hollywood: Who is John Mumblo? Did he really work on The Devil Wears Prada?

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Styling Hollywood follows married couple Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis and their team at L.A.’s elite JSN Studios. Jason and Adair are the co-owners and creative geniuses behind the organisation, but the assistants also shine as stars of the show.

John Mumblo was the newbie of the group, as Jason’s styling assistant.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jason, plus we clear up the theories that he was a child star who worked on The Devil Wears Prada!

Screenshot: Styling Hollywood S1 E6 – Netflix

Who is John?

John Mumblo is the current styling assistant at JSN Studios in Los Angeles. John is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

John’s birthday is on August 4th and he has just turned 24-years-old.

It is unconfirmed when he made the move from the east to the west coast, but in the first episode of Styling Hollywood, we hear that John was working in a luxury L.A. showroom when he was discovered by Jason.

This is John’s first gig as a pro styling assistant, but Jason called him “eager and super knowledgable,” which is what earned him the job.

Jason jokingly said that John worked on The Devil Wears Prada, which we speculate is nothing but a joke as John would’ve been 11-years-old when the movie came out! We don’t think he was styling back then…

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Screenshot: Styling Hollywood S1 E1 – Netflix

Was John really a child star?

In episode 3, when John and Jason are on their way to work, John begins humming a show tune and follows it up saying “You didn’t know I was a child star?”

Now as the show then presents John’s headshot from his childhood, many viewers scrambled to find out whether John was being serious. And if he was, what he had starred in.

But as his IMDb profile only shows one credit, styling for a Sabrina Carpenter music video, there wasn’t much evidence suggesting John actually was a child star.

But Decider did some digging into what was going on and got a response from John. John told them:

I was a theatre kid growing up and did shows and productions all around the city of Pittsburgh where I grew up… looking back on it, my childhood ‘stardom’ never really went any further beyond that.

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Follow John on Instagram

John already has an impressive following of his own on Instagram of over 3000. Considering this is his first proper job styling, we predict there are big things coming for John over the years.

And that means that follower count is only going to swell!

If John was your favourite on Styling Hollywood then be sure to follow his Insta @johnmumblo where he shares snaps of his work at JSN, fire selfies and his latest shenanigans.

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