Syd McGee wants to teach his children 'kindness is the most important trait'


Syd McGee wants to teach his children 'kindness is the most important trait'

Syd and Shea McGee and their children all appear on the brand new season of Dream Home Makeover in 2022. The Netflix show first launched in 2020 and Shea and Syd have been transforming peoples’ homes, giving them a dreamy space to live each episode.

Dream Home Makeover dropped brand new episodes on July 27th. Viewers not only get to see some incredible interior designs, but Netflix subscribers get to know the McGee family, too. Shea and Syd have been building their brand since 2014 and have accumulated an impressive net worth estimated at $5M in 2022.

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The McGees on Netflix

Since 2014, Syd and Shea McGee have been running their company, Studio McGee. They also have an e-commerce brand, McGee & Co and they wrote their own book, Make Life Beautiful, published in 2020.

Shea and Syd are nailing renovating peoples’ homes on Dream Home Makeover and work as a team to create the spaces.

Syd can often be seen making food for him family on Netflix‘s Dream Home Makeover. Just as Shea has an obsession with home decor, he has a thing for kitchen appliances including air fryers, blenders and waffle machines.

Syd McGee

Netflix star Syd McGee hails from California.

Stars Offline writes that Syd is 36 years old. He married Shea in 2008.

He’s now the Founder and CEO of Studio McGee and McGee & Co.

Syd can be found on Instagram @syd_mcgee. The couples’ joint Instagram page (@studiomcgee) has 3.4M followers.

Syd McGee children

In 2013, Syd and Shea McGee had their first child together, five years after getting married.

They are parents to eight-year-old Wren, five-year-old Ivy and baby Margot.

In a Q&A on Studio McGee’s website, Syd said that his father “emphasized kindness to others as the most important trait.”

Speaking of his daughters, Syd said: “I hope that lesson gets passed down through me, and that’s what they learn from me”.

In the Q&A, Syd also said that he gets himself and his daughters breakfast each moring and runs them to cheer or tumbling in the evenings.



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