Tarzan on Physical 100 is a travel YouTuber hoping to prove his strength on the new Netflix series, filled with grueling challenges. He has 99 fellow contestants against him hoping to win the same cash prize.

The last one standing is the star to take home the money, and Tarzan is no exception. He’s not got a strength-focused career like some contestants, which ranges from wrestlers and MMA fighters to dancers and cheerleaders.

Fans are now wondering what Tarzan’s role in the travel YouTube world is like, and are itching to see more of him outside of Physical 100. Reality Titbit has all the gossip on the Netflix star’s background.

Meet Tarzan on Physical 100

Tarzan on Physical 100 is a travel YouTuber. His real name is Jun, and alongside filming travel vlogs, he is the business owner of the clothing brand Fitness Paradise. Jun often models the items on the brand’s Instagram page.

His business was founded in 2022 with a vision to create multifunctional athleisure clothing, with an aim to improve their customers’ gym and workout experience. Tarzan appears to live in Beverly Hills, California.

The avid traveler has a small dog and is usually spending time in the gym if he’s not traveling the world. From South Korea, Tarzan is very active, whether that’s playing basketball or tennis, or simply lifting weights.

Tarzan is known as a travel YouTuber

Tarzan has a YouTube page called Modern Tarzan which consists of travel vlogs. He actually shared a video where he visited a hairdresser run by Korean UDT sniper Agent H, on the same day he filmed Physical 100.

His channel has accumulated a whopping 137K subscribers from posting 253 videos. Tarzan began posting videos on YouTube in 2018 and no longer has long hair as seen on his head in Physical 100. He got it chopped off!

From surfing after a typhoon in China to a European girl teaching Taekwondo to him, Tarzan is always busy traveling the globe and visiting gyms in each place he visits. He even hosted a subscriber event for his fans.

His Physical 100 appearance

Tarzan is introduced when he walks into the Physical 100 arena and is later seen holding his arms above the bars in the pre-quest challenge. He’s become a fan favorite and has been compared to Taylor Lautner’s role as Jacob in Twilight.

Viewers instantly recognized Tarzan for his appearance on the Korean dating show Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!, where he was seen getting to know Jasmine. Those watching noticed he was wearing the same t-shirt on Physical 100.



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