Terrace House Tokyo hits Netflix UK - how does the Japanese reality series work?

Part 1 of Terrace House: Tokyo has landed on Netflix UK, four months after it premiered on Netflix Japan.

Since it kicked off in 2015 – well, since it was rebooted with Netflix’s help – Terrace House has garnered a steadily increasing fan base across the world.

It’s becoming something of a cult classic for the reality TV genre!

So, what’s the series all about and is it worth a watch? Fans from all over think so… here’s why!

Screenshot: Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 E1 – Netflix

What is Terrace House about?

Terrace House is an unscripted reality TV series which has an all-too-familiar premise.

Six strangers – three men and three women – all move into one house together, with the aim of finding love, forming friendships and experiencing all Tokyo has to offer. They show the best food, the best places to visit in Tokyo and the show is 100% going to satisfy anyone’s eye for design as it is so aesthetically pleasing.


This is the fifth series so far and sees the show return to its home in Tokyo. Last two seasons saw the cast venture to Hawaii and then a small town called Karuizawa in Japan.

Housemates come and go over the year, but there are always six people living inside of the Terrace House.

Many have speculated that Olympic athletes might enter the house as this season will be running up to the Tokyo Olympics in summer 2020!

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How does Terrace House work?

Over the course of one year, Terrace House splits up the time spent in the house into different parts.

Part 1 of the fifth series started broadcasting on Netflix Japan back in May 2019 and concluded on August 13th, 2019. Part 2 then commenced two weeks later on August 27th.

Each episode follows the cast through their day-to-day lives in and outside of the house, while a panel commentates.

Rather than just having one comedic commentator, why not have six?!

The panel includes comedians, models and actors. They are Reina Treindl, Azusa Babazono, Ryota Yamasoto, Shono Hayama, You, and Yoshimi Tokui. These six panellists also provide insight into the cultural norms of Japan, whilst getting quite frank about the casts’ actions and interactions.

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Terrace House Tokyo: Cast

The first six cast members to enter the house all are as gorgeous and stylish as ever. That seems to be a prerequisite for the series!

This season introduces viewers to models Shohei Matsuzaki and Haruka Okuyama, illustrator Kaori Watanabe, musician Kenji Yoshihara, as well as the two youngest of the group Risako Tanabe and Ruka Nishinoiri.

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Screenshot: Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 E1 – Netflix




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