Terri shared her emotional story with the Fab Five, when she appeared on Queer Eye Season 6 as someone who was afraid to embrace her natural hair. She used a growth hair cap to help boost her confidence.

Nominated to appear on the Netflix series by her daughter Ashley, she initially struggled with her dreams of feeling young and being taken seriously. But with the help of the cast members, Terri changed her life around.

Complete with cowboy boots in Austin, Texas, the Fab Five – a group of style experts – are on hand to help a number of nominated guest stars turn their struggles into strengths.

From covering her hair to eventually embracing roots, we can reveal Terri’s complete transformation… Cue the catwalk!

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Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye | Season 6 Official Trailer | Netflix

Terri’s emotional hair story on Netflix

Terri was not confident about her natural hair, and had been hiding her barnet with a blonde wig. She revealed that she got anxiety when thinking about putting her real hair on show.

Jonathan Van Ness styled Terri’s wig, encouraging her to embrace her natural hair and grow it out healthily.

The Netflix star even said that her hair was not a wig, but Twitter users have repeatedly claimed that cameras kept zooming in on Terri’s hair to show the outer lace.

During the pandemic, she faced some heartache, including the death of her father James White, who launched the Broken Spoke bar she works at in 1964.

Terri’s hair before Queer Eye

Terri had bright, blonde hair which was shorter than a bob. She covered up her barnet with a fringed, blonde wig for the majority of her initial time on Queer Eye.

She was so anxious about showing her real barnet that she refused to show Jonathan at first. As he doesn’t normally work on wigs, styling the false hair was not his usual work.

Jonathan then gave Terri a hair growth cap to help her grow the barnet naturally, and a year later we got to see the beauty item work its magic…

Although it is not known exactly which cap was used on Queer Eye, there are hair caps available to buy on Hair Club.

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  • UPDATE: Where is Monica from Dr. Pimple Popper now? She revisits clinic!

Terri’s total transformation

Terri has since embraced her natural hair and grown it out. Her darker, natural hair is now long and fully on-show just a year later, when the Fab Five revisit her in her workplace.

So it looks like that hair growth cap really worked in her favour! She appeared to be very happy about her new look.

Fans are in shock at how different she looks with her original roots. Here’s just a few reactions:

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