The Big Day: Are Nikhita and Mukund still together? Netflix’s new Bollywood series!

The Big Day premiered on Netflix on Valentine’s Day. Nikhita and Mukund Chillakanti are one of the first couples to get married. Are they still together?

The Big Day is a Netflix original documentary series which features six different couples of Indian heritage, who are planning their big day.

Hindu weddings are known to be luxurious, traditional, vibrant and colourful. The Big Day captures all of that, while rewriting age-old rules to new-age marriages, and giving an insight of the whole process.

One of the six couples in the series is Nikhita and Mukund Chillakanti, a non-resident Indian couple who is trying to navigate their Chennai wedding with their personal modern twists.

Who are Nikhita and Mukund Chillakanti?

Nikhita and Mukund were both brought up by Indian migrant parents in San Francisco, California but wanted to have a traditional Chennai wedding in India.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Nikhita Chillakanti leads the Strategic Business Development team at Moxtra, while she has studied Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Berkeley, University of California.

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Her Instagram profile is “nikhitaiyar” and has over a thousand followers, while Mukund has a private account for his close friends and family.

Are Nikhita and Mukund still together?

Yes, Nikhita and Mukund are seemingly still together, as they both have shared The Big Day news on their Instagram accounts.

Mukund and Nikki went to the same high school, but it wasn’t until their siblings’ wedding that they fell in love.

Mukund’s twin brother started dating Nikhita’s sister. Eventually, they got engaged and for the wedding, Mukund and Nikhita took dance classes together and got closer.

They started dating after their siblings’ wedding and a year later, Mukund popped the big question.

The couple officially tied the knot on December 30th 2019, and all the weddings featured on The Big Day took place before Covid-19.

Watch Nikhita and Mukund Chillakanti wedding story here.

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