The Big Day has brought more couples to its Netflix series, who have allowed us to follow them as they plan the wedding of their dreams.

From two interracial couples, to arranged marriages, and couples who plan exclusive destination Indian weddings, the series is filled with vibrancy.

It is the second season that has launched in 2021, following the popularity of The Big Day which saw couples plan their extravagant ceremonies.

So, who joins the season two line-up? Meet Nisha and Scott, Irina and Dhruv and the other couples who have shared their wedding story.

Screenshot: The Big Day, Collection 2, Love Beyond Borders, Netflix

Nisha and Scott

Nisha and Scott celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in October 2020, and have recently been working from home together.

During the Netflix series, it was clear to see that both of their families were large, and that Nisha and Scott were equally close to their own.

They now have a red Doberman dog together called Rajah.

The couple look happily loved up together and are living in Connecticut.

Irina and Dhruv

Irina, from Russia, and Dhruv, from India, are an interracial couple who first met each other at a bar.

While Dhruv was in New York, he had gone on many dates, but then just as he was leaving, he met Irina through common friends.

Having exchanged numbers, it was initially thought that their relationship would be long distance, as they had a 12-hour different between them.

Dhruv lived in Hong Kong, while Irina was residing in New York.

They had both connected over being the first generation in the US, having travelled there from young ages.

Prerna and Kunwar

Kunwar first met Prerna after a “very simple hello”, which turned into a conversation lasting seven and a half hours!

They had a contemporary arranged marriage, and had a large Indian wedding complete with their families.

Book collector Prerna, from Jammu, India, and photographer Kunwar are still happily married, which is clear to see on his Instagram.

They celebrated with a kiss under fireworks, as the New Year approached.

Sreejan and Divya

Sreejan, who was selected for foreign services, and Divya, had an arranged marriage, with a large ceremony.

He never thought he would go for an arranged marriage, due to stereotypical notions he had about them.

But that all changed when he met Divya, who he found easy to talk to, and who was attracted to him in return.

They are still happily loved up, looking at their Instagram profiles.

Mounica and Nirnith

Mounica and Nirnith are still happily married.

Entrepreneur Nirnith, who is nicknamed “Bobby”, met Mounica through his parents, who loved her as soon as they met her.

At first, Nirnith was hesitant about the arranged marriage process, but things changed when he met Mounica.

Only initially planning to give each other 15 minutes to chat – or 10 minutes in Mounica’s case – they hit it off and continued to talk for longer.

They were later married with an extravagant Indian wedding!

Shrutika and Lakshya

Describing their romance as “like a movie”, the couple had a destination wedding in Bahrain, which was inspired by its Arab culture.

It took them an entire year to plan their wedding, with the help of a planner required along the way.

They had many mutual friends but had never crossed paths in person. But Shrutika and Lakshya met at their best friends’ destination wedding!

Their wedding took place at the Four Seasons Hotel at Bahrain Bay.

Complete at their wedding was a DJ, Vedic chants and even a choreographer to help with the dance performances!



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