Meet Henck and Yan: The Big Flower Fight favourites have already designed at Kew Gardens!

Meet Henck and Yan: The Big Flower Fight favourites have already designed at Kew Gardens!

The Big Flower Fight finally launched to Netflix on Monday, May 18th.

The competitive floral design series sees ten teams of florists, artists and landscape designers compete for a once in a lifetime opportunity to design a live sculpture for Kew Gardens. It would take the pride of place in the centre of the Royal Botanic Garden, which has previously held sculptures by the likes of Dale Chihuly.

Already, The Big Flower Fight viewers have decided on their favourites in the competition, and there is one team in particular, who have stood out for their incredible designs and their eccentric fashion: Henck and Yan.

But who are Henck and Yan? Find out about The Big Flower Fight stars here.

Henck and Yan in The Big Flower Fight – Netflix

Who is Henck?

Henck Röling is a freelance Master-Florist and artist.

He grew up on a farm in Holland, The Netherlands, which greatly inspired his love of flowers and nature.

Henck trained as a Master Florist at the AOC Midden Nederland and then moved to London in 2007 to pursue his floral ambitions. And it didn’t take Henck long to find his feet. Over the past decade, Henck has had some seriously impressive commissions. He works for some of London’s top florists and creates weekly flower arrangements for the Ritz, Sotheby’s, and Fortnum and Mason, to name but a few.

Henck has also had his work presented at the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew before, so that gives you an inkling of how successful his work has been! He has displayed at the Kew Gardens’ Orchid Festivals with the help of Yan Skates.

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Get to know Yan

Yan Skates is originally from Denmark. Now, he is based in London.

Before Yan was working with flowers, he was a fine artist running in the YBA (Young British Artists) crowd. He was doing shows with Gavin Turk and Patrick Hughes at the Saatchi Gallery for Brian Eno’s War Child charity, café shows in Soho curated by Roland Mouret and doing the Art Supermarket in Harvey Nichols, plus so much more.

When Yan was in his 20s, to earn some extra cash on the side for his art equipment, he started to work a one-day-a-week job at a Turkish flower wholesaler on Cambridge Heath Road in HackneyAt the end of the week, his boss would make him sell leftovers at the Sunday market at Spitalfields.

In 1997, when Spitalfields went through a revamp, Yan was offered a shop, as the revamp had closed his artists studio there. This is when he launched Bespoke with a jeweller friend. Yan has been the director of florist Bespoke Flowers for 20 years, and has even won a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show!

Follow Henck and Yan on Instagram

To keep up to date with the latest on Henck and Yan, and also see more of their wacky designs, then be sure to follow them both on Instagram.

Yan has over 4,300 followers as of publication date and you can find him @yanskates.

You can also find Henck under the handle @henckroling where he has just over 1,100 followers.




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