On paper, a flower arranging competition doesn’t sound the most riveting, however The Big Flower Fight proved that the activity could be taken to new levels of excitement.

The Netflix competitive series sees teams of artists, landscape designers and florists go head-to-head, creating larger than life live sculptures. From giant animals made of grass to fairytale scenes made entirely of plants, The Big Flower Fight was flower arranging amped up on steroids.

Season 1 launched on Monday, May 18th and, like us, viewers binge-watched all eight episodes within the week.

So, will there be another season of The Big Flower Fight? Fans are demanding season 2!

The Big Flower Fight – Netflix

The Big Flower Fight fans want more

It’s pretty clear when taking a look at Twitter that fans went wild for The Big Flower Fight. Over the past two weeks, our timelines have been filled with fans demanding another season of the floristry show. One fan even demanded 5 more seasons!

One viewer tweeted: “heartbroken it is over need season 2 asap”

Another tweeted to Netflix: “i need another season of #TheBigFlowerFight. That show was pure gold!”

Will there be The Big Flower Fight season 2?


Usually, Netflix takes its sweet time before announcing whether they have renewed a show for another season. We typically don’t find out about another season for a couple of months following the end of the show. There have been instances in the past, as we’ve seen with shows such as QB1: Beyond the Lights where they only announce the show is returning a month prior.


So, it’s likely that if they do renew the show, we won’t find out for a while.

The Big Flower Fight’s presenter Vic Reeves did give us a glimmer of hope, telling RadioTimes.com that he’d be keen to do it again:

Definitely, absolutely… hopefully and fingers crossed we’re doing it again next year!

We will update this page with any information of The Big Flower Fight season 2 as it is released. 





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