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The Circle Brazil: Who is JP? Meet the firefighter and social media star on Instagram

The first-ever season of The Circle Brazil is heating up as we enter the second week of episodes. Already, four players have been blocked and things don’t seem to be settling down on the drama-front.

The second instalment of episodes aired on Wednesday, March 18th with the final episodes coming on Wednesday, March 25th. This is when The Circle Brazil will reveal its most popular player and find out who takes home that R$300,000 (US $67,000) prize.

One of the most popular players both on and off screen is JP. So, we thought it best to get to know the firefighter better before he sails towards the final.

Find out everything you need to know about JP from The Circle Brazil here!

The Circle Brazil season 1 – JP

Who is JP?

João Paulo “JP” Gadelha is a 31-year-old firefighter for the military. His hometown is Recife, Pernambuco in the Northeastern Region of Brazil.

JP is a military firefighter in Bahia, Salvador. He is currently an active firefighter.

His birthday is on January 2nd.

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JP on The Circle Brazil

JP is pretty much playing as himself on The Circle Brazil, except he’s aged down three years. His fellow players believe that JP is 28 years old rather than 30.

Episode 6 saw JP land the role of Circle Influencer for the first time, landing top place out of all the players. JP’s performance has only gone from strength to strength winning the challenge in episode 7. This was quite the transformation as the other players thought JP was initially a catfish.

But fans of The Circle Brazil have not been entirely supportive of JP, with many thinking the Influencer title has given him a power trip!

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Follow JP on Instagram

Out of all of the players on The Circle Brazil season 1, JP had the largest following on Instagram. He had just over 600,000 when the series began and now that figure has shot to over 640,000!

In the below Instagram post of JP in uniform, he wrote:

Proud to be able to represent my northeast and take my principles, values and honesty to this whole world.

You can join JP’s following on Instagram @jpgadelha.




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