The first-ever season of The Circle Brazil landed on Netflix on Wednesday, March 11th and is proving to be just as fiery, hilarious and jaw dropping as its American and British counterparts.

We’re now into the second drop of episodes (released on March 18th) and there is one player who is winning over her competitors day by day: Lorayne Oliver.

Having landed the Influencer role on The Circle twice now, things were looking good for Lorayne, but episode 8 left fans wondering whether she was going to be blocked by Dumaresq. We’ll have to see come March 25th, 2020!

We’ve done some digging to find out more about The Circle Brazil star, from career to Instagram and more.

Lorayne in The Circle Brazil season 1

Who is Lorayne Oliver?

Lorayne Oliver is 22 years old. She was born in 1997 in Realeza, Paraná.

It looks as if Lorayne might work as a physiotherapist, as “fisioterapia” is written in her Instagram bio. But she definitely does some modelling on the side.

When describing herself in the first episode, Lorayne explained that she is bisexual. She said: “Women are not my only option. I’m into men too.”

And what followed was the introduction to her catchphrase #StayWild.

Lorayne on The Circle Brazil

Lorayne, like few of her fellow competitors, is playing the game completely as herself. No age change, no catfishing; nothing.

In the first episode, Lorayne explained her reason for playing as herself:

I know I’m beautiful. I’m not doing this for you, but for me. I don’t wanna life about anything. I wanna be exactly who I am out there. This way, I have a better chance of winning.

Lorayne definitely has buckets of confidence!

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Follow Lorayne on Instagram

Most of her feed is dominated by modelling snaps and pictures with her boyfriend, Irineu Júnior. Lorayne and Irineu look totally loved up on Instagram, they even post singing videos together… and call themselves couple goals

Lorayne is also nailing the Instagram Influencer lifestyle. Already, Lorayne has over 42,000 followers and counting! This figure is correct as of publication date.

You can follow Lorayne on Instagram @loh_oliveer




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