Netflix’s The Circle sees players, either being themselves or acting as Catfishes, communicate with other contestants via a virtual screen while living in the same apartment block. So, how long does it take to film the series?

The fourth season is currently underway, and while some viewers think it is filmed live, the episodes are actually shot on camera before they are released on the streaming platform.

With new episodes airing weekly, fans are wondering just how long the show contestants spend in those Manchester apartments. Do they have to take a hefty holiday off work and how many days are they away from home?

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The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 4 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle takes 15 days to film

The Circle takes 15 days in total to film, and has done ever since season 1 hit Netflix. Once filming is over, the apartment block is dismantled, derigged and turned back into regular flats to rent.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, contestants had to isolate for two weeks before filming even began, meaning that they were actually away from home for the duration of four weeks!

This means the players, like cruise director Everson Bevelle, had to get time off work for over a month. And that’s not all, because they don’t get to see anyone in person (unless they are evicted or paid a visit from an eliminated player).

Being away from family was ‘difficult’

Season 4 player Trevor shared that being away from his family was “the most difficult thing” he has ever had to do, as per Distractify. However, knowing that his daughters were home with DeLeesa gave him comfort while he played.

He revealed during a Distractify interview:

You know, I would never have done it, and I think DeLeesa would say the same, if we didn’t have such a strong relationship, such a strong home environment, where we’re comfortable leaving and knowing that the girls are going to be okay. So knowing that, that’s honestly how I was able to get through [it].

Fans have shared how players receiving messages from home is the most heartbreaking scene of every season. With lots of contestants living in countries outside the UK, such as America, they’re a whole plane journey away from home!

Can they leave the apartments?

No, the players cannot leave the apartment block as they cannot risk revealing their identity to the other players. The only time they are allowed to exit is to visit the gym, meet in the discussion room and to go into the outside area.

A medical concern is the only reason a player may be able to leave the building. However, they can make use of the building facilities one at a time. We often see players head to the gym while communicating virtually!

So, the gym or jacuzzi is as far as they can go during the three-week period. Other rules include that they cannot have contact with anyone on the outside world, which is why they can never use their mobile phones.



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