Channel 4 series The Circle hopes to go from strength to strength as it attempts to boost popularity from series 1 with an influx of ‘celebrities’ for the follow-up season.

In a shocking twist, Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley will participate in the social media show as a fake Catfish.

The series 2 cast also includes a very Love Island-esc Georgina Aurelia, who is a model with over 30,000 Instagram followers, and son of internationally-recognised DJ Fat Boy Slim, Woody Cook.

Get to know Woody and his famous parents here!

Who is Woody Cook?

Woody is an 18-year-old from Brighton, where he works in a pub.

Naturally, with Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook) as a dad, he loves music and festivals.

Woody told Channel 4 that he has always been pre-judged because of his famous parents and won’t reveal who they are while on The Circle. He explained that he sometimes questions new friendships and whether people like him for him or because they want to get a gig ticket.

He is bisexual and believes that this could give him an edge on the competition:

A couple of celebrities wished me well after there was an article about me being bisexual in the news. I was like, ‘Thanks but there are more important things in the world’. It was Matt Lucas and a couple of others. I just mentioned it in an article and it was everywhere the next day. I find being bisexual helps talking to girls and it doubles the pool of people I can flirt with.

Woody on Instagram!

You can follow Woody on Instagram under @Woody_Cook, where he starts his Circle journey with 7,000 followers.

We’re sure his page is about to face a serious glow up in numbers!

What is his game plan?

Other than keeping the identity of his parents a secret, Woody will be completely himself.

The 18-year-old believes that his friendly, polite and fun personality will shine through as all of his social media photos are about having fun opposed to looking attractive.

Could he be an early favourite?


Woody could be considered an early favourite to win the series on the basis of his famous parents. He also has a very easy game plan and is very unlikely to be caught out with the small lie about his parents.

If Woody can match the same energy and honesty that Freddie Bentley displayed in season 1 as he finished second in the competition then he will have a good chance of proving a fan favourite to viewers at home.

Who are his parents?

Woody’s parents are DJ Norman Cook (56) and broadcaster Zoe Ball (48). The pair married in 1999 and enjoyed an 18-year relationship before breaking up in 2016 when Woody was 15.

Both parents know about Woody’s involvement in the show and have given him a lot of advice ahead of his TV debut.

Woody explained:

They have given me a lot to think about from past experiences and advice. They said that what you say on TV is out there forever and you can’t unsay it and that once you share too much you never unshare it.



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