Everyone’s favorite social media-based reality TV show is back in 2022. The Circle returned for its fifth season this December. So, let’s find out more about when fans can expect The Circle season 5 episode 5 to come out.

In the game of forming friendships, alliances, influencing, and catfishing there is $100,000 up for grabs.

Some of the show’s contestants have had a taste of reality TV before including Brett and Billie-Jean. Others are fresh onto the TV scene and have day jobs as car detailers, models, and private investigators.

Chaz Lawery holds his hands on his head in Episode 1 of The Circle season 5 wearing a white t shirt
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The Circle season 5

On Wednesday, December 28 The Circle season 5 dropped on Netflix.

Michelle Buteau is hosting the series which sees contestants compete to be the most popular.

The Circle USA has been airing since 2020 and this season’s prize fund is slightly lower than the last at $100,000 – down from Frank Grimsley’s win of $150,000 in May 2022.

The Circle season 5 episode 5 release date

Since The Circle season 5 episodes 1-4 dropped on December 28, fans can expect the next batch in a week.

The Circle season 5 episode 5 release date and time is Wednesday, January 4 at 8 am.

The Netflix show is made up of 13 episodes which are dropping in four batches as follows:

Chaz Lawery poses for The Circle promo wearing grey top and overshirt
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Who are the season 5 contestants?

All the contestants on The Circle season 5 are heading into the game as single people in 2022.

The cast includes:

While some of the players like Chaz say they’re heading into the show as “100 per cent themselves,” others are posing as their ex such as Billie-Jean and Brian is catfishing as his daughter, Brittney.

Sam, Tom, and Raven are playing themselves in season 5 while Brett and Xanthi have teamed up to catfish after being voted out.

Brett on The Circle season 5.
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