Spoilers: The Circle season 5 has fans asking where they are now after Sam Carmona took home the winning crown. From Chaz’s Instagram update to whether they all stayed friends, Reality Titbit has the latest update.

For a grand cash prize of $100,000, the Netflix contestants either played themselves or acted as total catfishes, building alliances with their fellow players or simply ranking them based on where they felt they deserved to stand.

They all communicate through a virtual platform, even though they live in the same Manchester apartments during the competition. By the end, The Circle season 5 finalists were introduced face-to-face, but where are they now?

Xanthi Perdikomatis wears leopard print while smiling with mouth open and Brett Robinson wears grey tank top and black cap back to front while portraying shocked face on The Circle.
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Brett and Xanthi are still besties

Brett and Xanthi, who were the only pair in the show while representing catfish Jennifer, follow each other on Instagram, talk on the phone, and often comment on each other’s Instagram posts.

Just four weeks ago, Brett called Xanthi “the man eater 😈” in her Instagram comments, to which she replied: “Yes babyyyy😈😂💓.” She also shared a screenshot of them FaceTiming on her Story on January 5.

The two are constantly having banter in the comments section. When she said she was “running late” under a recent post, Brett said she “probably had to pee” to which she said he’s “not completely wrong.”

It’s not just Brett and Xanthi but the entire cast on The Circle season 5 that have remained in a tight friendship circle.

Tom revealed that he told Jennifer that he “hopes they win” in an Entertainment Weekly interview. He also said that he is now really great friends with Xanthi and Brett, and even formed a bromance with Brett.

He said: “I’m close with them all. We’ve all got a WhatsApp group together, and we all really, really want to meet up. […] I already meet up with Billie-Jean in London, as a fellow UK player.”

Chaz is set to graduate nursing school

Chaz, The Circle season 5‘s runner-up, is all set to graduate nursing school in two months. He decided to go into the medical industry in honor of his brother, who worked as a medical assistant before his death.

The player is now in his final semester of nursing school, as of January 1, 2023, as revealed on his Instagram. He said:

I’m so happy that I did this for my brother in honor of his dreams and legacy. Nursing is definitely not my dream, it’s something that my brother wanted to do. And then after nursing school, I’m going to go and chase my dream.

He had an alliance with Sam and Raven on The Circle. Sam commented on his recent update with, “This is beautiful Gubby.” Chaz responded to his fellow star with: “My Wifey!! I love you!! Happy new year!! 😍.”

Sam bought an apartment after win

Sam moved into a new home as of October 2022. She has shared an Amazon wishlist to her fans which features storage carts, sofas, eyelashes, rugs and other homeware.

She’s also been sharing new sneakers to her Instagram Story, which suggests she’s added to her trainer collection with her cash prize. Sam revealed that she wanted to come back to normal life after The Circle:

Honestly, I just wanted to come back to normal life. I’m somebody who’s big on staying humble, staying low-key, I’m not somebody to be in the bars and the clubs; that was in my 20s. I’m perfectly fine being in the house doing nothing. So it’s just making sure I still maintain my relationship with my family, keeping them in the loop about things. And it’s also a sense of security. I feel safer in my home.

Sam has been focusing on her TikTok page, sharing insights into her time on season 5 and hanging out with her grandmother, who we met on the finale of The Circle. Fans are sharing their support with Sam more than ever!


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