Is The Circle on Netflix real? Game play, app and more explored!

After two successful seasons in the UK, America finally has its own season of The Circle.

The first four episodes of the American version landed on Netflix on Wednesday, January 1st. Four episodes will be released each Wednesday across a three week period.

Already everyone’s binged the first four and are desperate for the next!

But just what is The Circle on Netflix? How does it work and is it real?


How does The Circle work?

The TV series sees eight strangers placed into an apartment block and the only way they can communicate with one another is through a specially designed app called The Circle.

Taking all the best bits of social media and adding their own twists and turns, The Circle allows the players to present themselves in any way they want. So, be wary of the catfishes!

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Every few episodes, there is a rating – we’ve seen two already – and the two players with the highest votes become Circle Influencers. This means they then have the power to block someone from the game.

After weeks of gameplay, the finalists eventually meet face to face to see who was been honest and who has been catfishing. And it’s important to make a good impression, as the winner gets a mega $100,000 prize!

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Is The Circle on Netflix real?


Everything about the reality series is real. None of the players have ever met prior to being on the show and it pans out as it all happens.

However, unlike the British original series which is broadcast in real-time (much like other reality shows such as Love Island), the American series has already wrapped on filming. This means viewers of the show cannot influence game play or the events of the series in the way they could during The Circle UK.

But the events of the reality series are all real. The show is not scripted or staged. It’s all about who can come across as most genuine, so they definitely couldn’t fake any of it!

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Is The Circle app real?

This, unfortunately, is the element of the show which is fake.

The producers designed The Circle app so the social experiment can play out. The voice activated social media app is controlled by the producers while the players are still in The Circle.

It is voice activated so the players are ‘speaking’ to each other, rather than having them hunched over texting for hour-long episodes.




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