Meet Miranda from The Circle US on Instagram - the Netflix star is a model!

We’re now four episodes deep into the first ever season of The Circle US on Netflix, and it’s proving just as explosive and hilarious as its British counterpart.

After model Alana was the first player to be blocked, there came new addition Miranda.

She’s already stirring the pot and quickly making alliances with the other players. Could Miranda go all the way to the final?

So, just who is Miranda? Find out about the player to watch here!

Screenshot: The Circle US S1 E4 – Netflix

Who is Miranda?

Miranda Bissonnette is a 26 year old from South Lake Tahoe, California.

In her The Circle introduction, Miranda described herself as a “free spirit” because she was “open, honest, and love to be spontaneous [and] take chances.”

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But Miranda also described herself as a “lone wolf.”

She touched on the fact that she had moved around a lot as a child and didn’t come from a stable family. In episode 4, Miranda opened up to Joey about how she had, in fact, been in a foster home and separated from her brothers.

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What does Miranda do?

Miranda hasn’t confirmed what she does for work as of yet. However, we did some digging on Insta to find out more about Miranda and her career.

It looks like Miranda mainly works as a model for the time being and has been since 2014.

Previously, Miranda worked in a restaurant in Morgantown, West Virginia called Tailpipes. She came up with crazy burgers and other delicious looking culinary creations for Tailpipes. No wonder she smashed the baking challenge in episode 4!

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Follow Miranda on Instagram

Already Miranda has quite the following on Insta, and it’s not hard to see why!

Miranda always looks drop-dead gorgeous and posts all of her best modelling shots and selfies to Instagram.

Check out her profile and join her 4,600 strong following @randibananas.

You can also follow Miranda on Twitter @miranda_dapanda where she has been Tweeting about her experience on The Circle.




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