Netflix: The Circle US winner shocks fans - the real winner "was robbed!"

After two shocking weeks of competition, The Circle US has dropped the final four episodes of the first season to Netflix. And a winner has finally been crowned!

The inaugural American season of the British reality show has blown up and gained an incredible fanbase across the pond. So, it’s no surprise that The Circle fandom poured out to Twitter to share their thoughts on who the real winner of the show should have been.

Find out what happened in the Finale here!

And if you have yet to watch the final episode, be warned, as there are major spoilers ahead…

Screenshot: The Circle US S1 E12 – Netflix

Who is the winner of The Circle?

The winner of the first season of The Circle US on Netflix is none other than the loveable Joey Sasso! Joey is a 25-year-old actor originally from Rochester, New York.

After a shaky start, the NY native turned into one of the most popular players in the game and off screen with the viewers.

One viewer Tweeted: “Joey went from bottom of my list to close to the top… this man is entertaining as hell.” Another concurred, adding: “Dammit. I can’t help it. I officially like Joey. I didn’t see this coming.”

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Joey takes the win!

In the final episode, all five finalists got to meet face to face for the first time. And the biggest shock came when the only remaining catfish – Rebecca, or Seaburn – rocked up to the party. All of the other four had remained truthful to themselves.

But it was Joey Sasso who was ranked as most popular by his fellow players.

In the Finale, host and narrator Michelle Buteau met with the five finalists and the other blocked contestants in front of a live studio audience to reveal who had won.

None of the players were surprised it was Joey, however viewers at home were baffled that favourite from the start, Sammie Cimarelli did not finish in first place.

One viewer even declared that “Sammie was robbed”!

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What did Joey say about winning?

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Joey spoke about how surreal it was winning the huge $100,000 prize and be named the most popular player.

Joey said:

It still doesn’t feel real to tell you the truth. I still can’t believe I’m able to sit here and openly say this because it’s been so many months of keeping secrets and not saying anything.

It’s been about four or five months. The only people that have known in my life are my mother and father.

Joey also said that all of the money was going back into his acting career, including hiring a publicist and moving to Los Angeles. The New Yorker is now based on the Golden Coast.




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