We’re just over a week into first season of The Circle US on Netflix and already fans are seriously obsessed.

Not only does the hit reality show have all the drama, humour and shock twists that you’d expect, but in a ploy to gain new fans and followers, they’re giving back in the best way they know how… giving out free money!

Here’s everything you need to know about The Circle’s Venmo promotion and whether you can still get your hands on that all-important free dollar.

THE CIRCLE US S1 E2 – Alana and Sammie

What is The Circle’s Venmo promo?

On December 31st, 2019 – the day before the first episodes of The Circle dropped on Netflix – they announced a promotional campaign with Venmo to peak interest in the new reality series.

The campaign, ‘Friendship pays’, saw Netflix giving out $5 on Venmo to fans who visited their site TheCircleNetflix.com.

When the first four episodes dropped on January 1st, they gave out five bucks to each fan. Then, when the next load of episodes dropped on January 8th, they gave fans more money. However, they gave less on the second release, giving just $0.50.

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Can you still get free money from The Circle?

When you head over to The Circle’s site, they’ve announced that the promotion has now ended.

However, as they released more money on the second drop, it is highly likely that more free money will be heading your way on the third and final episode release. This will be on Wednesday, January 15th.

The best way to keep up to date with The Circle’s Venmo campaign is to follow their Twitter account. Check it out under the handle @CircleNetflix.

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