Has 'Terilisha's Theorem' been published? The Circle US star talks math discovery

The Circle US season 2 star Terilisha is proving to be a fan-favourite. Not only is she bringing the drama to this season, she’s also got the brains, beauty and talent to match.

The first four episodes of The Circle season 2 dropped to Netflix on Wednesday, April 14th. In our introduction to Terilisha, she mentioned that she was a bit of a math whizz and even discovered a theorem while in high school.

Now, The Circle viewers are desperate to figure out what mathematical theorem Terilisha discovered. Here’s what we found out…

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Terilisha talks math theorems on The Circle US

In the first episode of The Circle US season 2, Terilisha introduces herself as one of the game’s smart players.

Terilisha says: “Behind this is a very smart cookie. Math just happened to be my strong suit growing up. In high school I came up with a mathematical theorem called ‘Terilisha’s Theorem’. Math is cool!”

With this revelation, viewers immediately wanted to know more about Terilisha’s discovery.

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One viewer tweeted: “Wait I wanna learn what Terilisha’s Theorem is”

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Has Terilisha’s Theorem been published?

Terilisha’s Theorem has never been published.

On December 2nd 2014, Terilisha posted to her Facebook profile

“If I wasn’t a singer… I’d be a teacher… I love history! (I LOVE EGYPTIAN HISTORY) And math and science. When I was in high school I created a mathematical theorem called “Terilisha’s Theorem”. My goal is to one day have it published in math books. #BeautyAndBrains”

So, unfortunately for us, we won’t learn what Terilisha’s Theorem is until she decides to share her knowledge with the world!

Screenshot: Terilisha’s Facebook status 2/12/14 – Facebook



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