The Circle Brazil: Meet Marina Gregory on Instagram - Netflix star is actually a singer!

After winning over British and American audiences, The Circle has now expanded to Brazil!

The Brazilian version of the hit reality series launched on Netflix on Wednesday, March 11th with the first four episodes. As was the way with the American series, new episodes will drop every week leading up to the show’s grand finale.

Of the nine original players in The Circle Brazil, Marina Gregory is already a stand-out favourite. She even landed herself the role of one of the first Influencers.

We did some digging to find out more about Marina, plus uncovered that she actually does have a background as a singer!

Marina Gregory in The Circle Brazil season 1 – Netflix

Who is Marina Gregory?

Marina Gregory is a 25 year old from Méier, Rio de Janeiro.

She was born on August 27th, 1994 which makes her a Virgo. In the second episode, the cast played a horoscope game, Marina admitted: “I’m such a Virgo, even my rising sign is a Virgo.”

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Before entering The Circle, Marina had just qualified as a flight attended. She said in her introduction: “Because I love to fly, that’s it.”

Marina on The Circle Brazil

Marina is proving popular in The Circle and came in as second most popular in the game’s first ranking, behind Dumaresq.

Although Marina’s career as a flight attendant would be a pretty interesting talking point, she chose to play as her alter ego. Marina is playing as an amateur singer.

In the first episode, Marina said:

I love to sing in the shower since I was little, so I’ll be an amateur singer. I had this idea because I believe music brings people together.

Despite the fact Marina admitted she was born to be a singer, we found that The Circle Brazil star has a YouTube account where she posts covers of songs. She has not posted for seven years (Marina was 18 years old in the videos) but has covered Rihanna and Taylor Swift songs. Check out Marina’s YouTube here.

Follow Marina Gregory on Instagram

Some of the original players in The Circle Brazil have a major following, such as JP who has over 600,000 Instagram followers. So, although Marina has over 8,500 followers, that is still much less than her competitors. These figures are correct as of publication date.

Most of Marina’s Instagram is filled with snaps of her travels, from London to Las Vegas. It is also filled with her best party and Carnival looks.

Follow Marina on Instagram @marinavgregory.




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