Meet The Circle France cast on Instagram - Ines, Lou, Cedric!

This year has felt like one continuous episode of The Circle, as Netflix has been churning out seasons from around the world week after week.

First came the American version of the British series, which aired in January 2020. Next came the Brazilian version, which aired in March. Now, we have a French edition to complete the lineup, coming to air on Thursday, April 9th.

So before it all kicks off, we thought it best to get to know the cast of The Circle France season 1. We found them all on Instagram!

Screenshot: The Circle Game (France) trailer – Netflix France

The Circle France: Cast

  • Maxime
  • Catala
  • Cedric
  • Lou
  • Josette

Screenshot: The Circle Game (France) trailer – Netflix France

  • Paolo
  • Ines
  • Romain
  • Gary
  • Rudy
  • João

Get to know the season 1 cast better

We did some digging to find out more about the cast before they enter the circle. Contestants will come and go throughout the competition, so we will continue to add to the cast list as new contestants enter the game.


Maxime Merkouchenko, 24, is one of the initial contestants on The Circle France.


When he’s not starring in reality TV, Maxime is the owner of luxury properties in the south of France. Maxime owns GVV Estate, Impression De Luxe, and is the president of Sapfira Invest.

He is playing as his 25-year-old wife Valeria. She works as a jewellery designer, specialising in work with gemstones.

Together they have one son. You can find Valeria on Instagram @sapfira_vh.

Instagram: @merkouchenko1


From the looks of Catala’s Instagram, she spends her time modelling, with her long-term boyfriend Stefano, and travelling around the world. She is from Paris originally.

Instagram: @catala_virginie_constance


Josette “Jo” Guérin is one of the older contestants playing The Circle at 78 years old, but she’s Instagram savvy, that’s for sure!

She is catfishing as 25 year old Nicolas with Monique, who is 75.

Instagram: @guejos1


Lou Baudry is a 22-year-old model signed to DMG PARIS and Hourra! Models. She is originally from Marseille.

Instagram: @loubaudryoff


Cedric Doumbe is a Cameroonian-French kickboxer who is from Bordeaux. He is born on August 30th, 1992 making him 27 years old.

He is one of the few celebs taking on The Circle France, so Cedric already has a huge following on the Internet. Cedric has over 100k followers!

Instagram: @cedricdoumbe


João is taken on the competition with his twin Edmundo! Little will the other players know that the siblings are catfishing as one person…

Instagram: @fxiscajoao


Ines Camilia Tazi, 23, is a self-described “beauty & football enthusiast” who was born in London.

She also seems to be somewhat of an Instagram influencer, with over 44,000 followers.

Instagram: @taziines

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