The Circle France: Cedric Doumbe is a 9 times world champion kickboxer - follow him on Instagram!

The Circle France finally launched on Netflix on Thursday, April 9th, becoming the next instalment in the international reality series.

Seven new players have joined the game, with €100,000 on the line.

Already, fans around the world are picking out their favourites and one of the most talked about players is Cedric Doumbe.

But Cedric has already found fame as an international kickboxer. So with the new series kicking off, we thought it best to get to know more about Cedric and find out what the fans are saying about him.

Screenshot: The Circle Game (France) trailer – Netflix France

Who is Cedric Doumbe?

Cedric Doumbe is a 27-year-old kickboxer from Bordeaux. Cedric was born on August 30th, 1992 in Cameroon, so he has dual citizenship.

Since 2013, when he was 20 years old, Cedric has been kickboxing professionally. In this first year of going pro, Cedric was named the World Kickboxing Association European Champion. A year later, Cedric earned the title of World Kickboxing Association World Champion.


Cedric goes by the kickboxing nickname “the best.” Who is to say yet whether Cedric will be “the best” in The Circle France…

Cedric Doumbe on The Circle France

Cedric already played a crucial role in the first few episodes of The Circle France.

As 22-year-old model Lou Baudry was the first to be blocked from The Circle, Lou claimed that Cedric was responsible for this decision as he was made Influencer.

As a result, Cedric has split fans. Many support him, but there are some viewers who are wary of Cedric’s tactics! We shall have to see how it fares him in the game.

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Follow Cedric on Instagram

Given Cedric’s celebrity status, he already has plenty of followers on Instagram. Cedric has over 102,000 followers!

You can find him under the handle @cedricdoumbe.




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