The Circle Netflix: Meet model Alana Duval on Instagram

The Circle US is finally here!

After wowing British audiences with its first two seasons, the US now has its own version of the hit reality series which landed on Netflix on Wednesday, January 1st.

Combining all the best elements of Big Brother with a Black Mirror-esque social media twist, The Circle sees eight players live together in one apartment block but they never interact face to face. Instead, they communicate through a specially designed social media app called The Circle. It means you can be whoever you want to be, so watch out for catfishes!

Model Alana Duval went into The Circle completely as herself, but that didn’t stop the other players thinking she was a phoney. Find out everything you need to know about Alana here.

THE CIRCLE US S1 E2 – Alana and Sammie

Meet Alana

Alana Duval is a 25-year-old professional model from Brownsville, Texas.

She entered The Circle in episode 1 and quickly was one of the most talked-about players in the game. Most of the other eight contestants thought Alana was a catfish from the get-go!

Alana was playing as herself and wanted to show off her goofy side. In her promo interview, Alana said: “I get judged by other girls because they don’t want their boyfriends to look at me.”

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It seems that sadly for Alana, the other players weren’t impressed with her professional modelling career either. Particularly Sammie, who thought all Alana cared about was image.

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Alana’s modelling career

Alana currently is a professional model, travelling all around the world with her work.

She is signed with Aston Models LA and The Face Models Mexico. Check out Alana’s model portfolio here.

Before Alana appeared on The Circle US, she also appeared on another reality series called The Face. This modelling series is overseen by supermodel Naomi Campbell. Alana was picked for Naomi’s team in season 2 but was eliminated in episode 4.

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Follow Alana on Instagram

When Alana entered The Circle US, she already had a large Instagram following of over 80,000. Now that’s increased once more following her appearance on the reality series.

And no wonder, when you check out her stunning snaps!

Alana posts all her best model pics from at home and abroad. She can often be spotted hitting some of the most gorgeous beaches around the world on swimwear shoots. Alana’s living the dream!

Check out Alana on Instagram @alanaduval.




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