Netflix confirms The Circle US season 2 - how to apply, potential start date and more

When The Circle US blazed onto our screens on Wednesday, January 1st, it quickly became one of the hottest shows to watch on Netflix.

The first season centred on twelve episodes released over the course of three weeks. Every Wednesday since the initial release, four new episodes dropped.

On Wednesday, January 15th came the day we’ve all been waiting for; the day the five finalists met face to face and the winner was crowned. The first season saw New Yorker Joey Sasso take the top spot!

But given the immense popularity of the first season, it’s no surprise that already Netflix fans are demanding a second round. So, will there be The Circle season 2?

Screenshot: The Circle US S1 E5 – Netflix

The Circle on Netflix: Season 2

In Tuesday, March 24th 2020, Netflix confirmed that The Circle would return for not just season 2, but also season 3!

It is most likely that season 2 would follow a similar release schedule to the first season, as the global show is all made by the same production company and all filmed in the same location. The series is filmed at the Adelphi Wharf apartment blocks in Salford, Manchester.

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Production probably sticks to a tight filming schedule, so they can get all shows into production throughout the year.

They filmed season 1 over summer in England, which means we probably won’t get season 2 of The Circle on Netflix until January 2021. 

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How to apply for The Circle US season 2

Right now, details about the second season are limited, but Netflix have announced that they are currently going through the casting process.

For those who are interested in applying for The Circle, you will need to be at least 18 years old, and be able to travel to the UK to film. So, you’ll definitely need to have a passport!

You can find out more details about applying for The Circle US season 2 on the casting page, plus details on applying for the French, British and Brazilian versions.

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