When will The Circle US season 2 final air? Episode schedule for Netflix series explained!

When will The Circle US season 2 final air? Episode schedule for Netflix series explained!

The Netflix reality show, The Circle, is a competition where players who are isolated in individual apartments communicate through a social media platform.

The aim is to become the most popular member of The Circle, and the prize is $100,000. The catch is that you can either choose to play as yourself, or catfish the other contestants by playing as somebody else.

After the first series of The Circle became a smash hit, Netflix officially renewed The Circle for a second and third season in March 2020.

Season 2 of the US version of the show was released on Netflix on April 14th, although only the first 9 episodes are currently available to watch, with the others dropping on Netflix in the upcoming weeks.

When will The Circle US season 2 final be aired? 

Netflix has scheduled The Circle US episodes to be released on a hybrid schedule which combines the idea of weekly watching along with the binge-watching culture which is associated with the streaming platform.

This means that each week, several episodes will be released on Wednesday. This allows viewers to watch a few episodes back to back, but they still have to wait for each week to roll around for the next set of episodes to drop on Netflix.

Episodes 1 to 4 were released on April 14th, and episodes 5 to 9 on April 21st. Episodes 9 to 12 will be out on April 28th.

The final (which is the 13th episode) will be released on Netflix on May 5th.

Who are the contestants in The Circle season 2?

The contestants on The Circle will be competing head to head for the $100,000 prize. They are:

Chloe Veitch – 22 from Essex, England, U.K.

Courtney Revolution – 28 from Los Angeles, California

Deleesa Carrasquillo – 32 from The Bronx, New York

Jack Atkins – 20 from New Haven, Connecticut

Lee Swift – 58 from Dallas, Texas

Lisa Delcampo – 42 from Los Angeles, California

Terilisha – 34 from Dallas, Texas

Savannah Palacio – 25 from Los Angeles, California

Bryant Wood – 27 from Chico, California

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