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Who is the winner of The Circle US season 2? Finale episode explored!

After three weeks, we finally have a winner of The Circle US season 2! 

This time around, the reality series has seen more twists and turns than ever. We’ve seen the Joker role introduced, old players return to catfish new players, and returning Netflix stars such as Chloe Veitch. 

Find out which player from this season took home the $100,000 prize.

If you have yet to see all thirteen episodes of The Circle US season 2 on Netflix, then prepare for spoilers. Details of the full season are revealed here!

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Screenshot: The Circle US S2 E13 – Netflix

Who is the winner of The Circle US season 2 on Netflix?

  • Deleesa Carrasquillo

The winner of The Circle US season 2 on Netflix is Deleesa “Leesa” Carrasquillo.

Deleesa, 32, has been a fan-favourite from the start. She was playing the game as her real-life husband Trevor and wanted to win the $100,000 prize for her daughter.

The Circle US season 2 finale explored

Episode 12 of The Circle US season 2 saw six players take on one final blocking, but not without a twist. The highest rated player became a super secret influencer, who had the power to decide on the final five players. 

Lee Swift (playing as River) was the influencer in episode 12. He decided to block Mitchell from the game. This means that Chloe, Courtney, Lisa and Jack (as John), and Deleesa (as Trevor) made it to the final, alongside Lee.

The final episode saw the remaining players meet in person for one last Circle Chat. Inevitably, there was shock as River, Trevor and John were revealed to be catfish.

Later in the episode, host Michelle Buteau got all players (remaining and blocked) together to announce Deleesa as this season’s winner.

Deleesa wins The Circle US season 2

Deleesa made it to the top two with Too Hot to Handle star Chloe Veitch. But it was Trevor (AKA Deleesa) who took home top spot in the final rankings.

When Michelle announced Deleesa as the winner, she asked her what winning meant. Deleesa said: “It’s life-changing for us. It’s still surreal to me. We were never able to save any money. We just wanna have a house for a daughter to grow up in and something to call ours.”

Michelle Buteau responded: “You came in as a single dad and you made it happen for your family. We couldn’t be more proud and happy for you.”

The real Trevor even made an appearance in the final episode to receive the winning news!

Screenshot: The Circle US S2 E13 – Netflix



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