Netflix: When is The Circle USA season 2 episode 5? Release date explained!

Already obsessed with The Circle USA season 2? Find out about episode 5’s release date here.

If you, like us, have already binged the first four episodes of The Circle season 2 on Netflix, then you might be wondering when more episodes are heading our way.

The streaming site is releasing episodes over the next three weeks. Find out when to expect episode 5 here.

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The Circle USA season 2 on Netflix

This season of The Circle USA sees eight new players kick off the gamed. They are: Chloe, Savannah, Bryant, Terilisha, Courtney, Lee (playing as River), Jack (as Emily), and Deleesa (as Trevor).

With $100,000 up for grabs, there’s a lot at stake for these players.

Michelle Buteau returns as the main host and VoiceOver.

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The Circle USA season 2 episode 5: Release date

  • Wednesday, April 21st.

Episode 5 of The Circle USA season 21 will be released on Wednesday, April 21st.

Four new episodes will drop on that date: episodes 5 to 8.

Again, four more will be arriving on Wednesday, April 28th.

When is The Circle USA season 2 final?

The finale of The Circle USA season 2 is on Wednesday, May 5th.

This will be a special episode, longer than the rest, as we find out who has taken home the $100k prize. We will then also find out which player has been the fan-favourite.



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