Tom Houghton is a new player in The Circle season 5 episode 2. He is ready to “start his conquest” on the Netflix show and charm his fellow contestants with his comedic wit.

The Circle kicked off its fifth season on Wednesday, December 28. Episodes 1-4 are available to stream and more are released on January 4 and 11.

Let’s find out more about Tom Houghton from The Circle including who his father is, where he lives and whether he’s on the ‘gram…

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Meet Tom Houghton from The Circle

The Honorable Tom Houghton has entered The Circle.

He’s 36 years old and hails from the UK.

Tom is a resident of The Tower of London which is most famous for housing the Crown Jewels.

He’s pretty Insta and TikTok famous and has a combined 358k followers across the social media sites.

Find Tom on Instagram and TikTok at @honourabletom.

Tom is a stand-up comedian

Ready to meet his “friends slash competition” on the show, Tom is entering the show armed with comedic wit.

Speaking on The Circle, Tom says that his career involves “going into rooms and making people like him.”

Therefore, he could be in with a chance of being able to do the same on The Circle.

Tom was ready to create ‘boys chats’ on the show right from the word go and create alliances with other players.

The Circle star is touring the UK in 2023 with his comedy show ‘Absolute Shambles’.

Who is Tom Houghton’s dad?

Tom’s dad is General John Nicholas Reynolds Houghton.

Speaking on The Circle, Tom said that the Queen made his father the Constable of the Tower.

He adds that he gets to live for free in “the great, big historical palace.”

Tom also said that being “the Honorable” does make him in line for the throne “but it would have to be an armageddon-level of disaster for me to get there.”

In 2017, Tom’s father became Baron Houghton of Richmond.



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