Bling Empire season 3 sees a flashy watch on Kane Lim’s wrist. The Jacob and Co jewelry piece, which Kane revealed was a surprise from his father, is worth a whopping $1M. Let’s get a closer look at the watch.

Kane also bought and gifted a ‘buddy’ watch to his bestie and co-star Kevin Kreider, after taking him to the luxury watch store Jacob & Co, where they sealed their friendship with matching jewelry items on episode 8.

Based in 48 E. 57th St., New York City, viewers are in awe of the emotional watch scene. After filming wrapped, neither Kane nor Kevin appear to be wearing the watch on their Instagram, but maybe it’s kept for special occasions…

Kane Lim and Kevin Kreider talk while sitting on cream sofa.
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Kane gifts Kevin friendship jewelry

After Kane’s father gifted him a Jacob & Co watch, he decided to take his best friend Kevin to the luxury watch store in New York City and buy him a matching one to solidify their friendship.

Kevin asked if he could give the watch to Kane too, telling him: “Kane, I hereby announce you best buddy.” They both told each other how pleased they were about the friendship deal, following a fallout in season 2.

Some viewers were impressed by the watch, while other Bling Empire fans said it wasn’t to their taste. Either way, episode 8 showed Kevin completely over the moon with his new gift, as Kane’s love language is gift giving.

The flashy Jacob & Co watch

Kane was seen wearing a Jacob & Co Astronomia Art Phoenix watch with a dark blue strap. Kevin now has his own watch from the luxury brand’s collection, which was first introduced in 2014, before its latest re-invention.

The clock face has a vertical orientation, using a sapphire crystal and precious metal case as a gallery, while still showcasing dragons, octopi, spiders, horses and more animals within the watch.

Looking at online prices, the limited edition watch is $1M. As per Monochrome Watches in 2020, it is available at the Jacob Four Season Hotel des Bergues boutique in Geneva, while Watches of Mayfair sells the watch online.

Fans react to the watch scene

Most Bling Empire viewers were in awe of the sweet watch-giving moment between Kane and Kevin. When it came to the appearance of the jewelry item, there was a clear divide on social media.

One fan wrote: “I gotta admit, the matching watches scene was funny and cute #blingempire.

Another reacted: “Shout out to Kane’s father for supporting him and shout out to Kane for getting Kevin a watch too.”

In other comments, a viewer felt the watch was too difficult to tell the time on, while several others were seriously impressed with how unique the jewelry piece looks, such as a fan who described it as “stunning”.



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