Netflix has dropped its new survival reality show The Law of the Jungle, and as all episodes dropped in one go, we take a look at what the winners’ Instagrams hint they’re up to now after winning the huge amount of prize money.

The Netflix show sees the 12 Law of the Jungle contestants abandoned in the jungle and must decide whether to work as a team or sabotage each other for a cut of the jackpot.

We take a closer look at the winners and what went down in the final.

Warning: Law of the Jungle spoilers ahead

There was more than one winner in Law of the Jungle

Yes, that’s right Law of the Jungle had more than one winner, just like the survival show Outlast. At the start of the final episodes, the five finalists were given a couple of tough decisions.

Their first decision was to eliminate a contestant, meaning there would only be four people in the final. However, they all decided not to eliminate any contestants.

The second decision was whether they wanted to play as a team or as singles, and the decision had to be unanimous.

Although it seemed like Adrián Andrés was swaying more towards playing single, in the end, the group made the unanimous decision to play as a team and split the prize money five ways.

The Law of the Jungle winners’ prize money revealed

In the end, the total Law of the Jungle prize money stood at a massive 1,235,000 pesos.

Although the contestants did equally split the prize money between the five of them, some contestants received more money due to previous tasks. We break down the winnings for you:

Keep up to date with the winners

You can follow all 5 Law of the Jungle winners over on Instagram to see what they’re up to since their huge win. They can be found at:

From their Instagrams, it seems like they’re thriving with their prize money, partying up and down the globe. The contestants did state the reasons they wanted to win the prize money on the show including paying off debt and helping their families, so we hope they’ve accomplished this.


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