The Masked Singer has banned these costumes for their controversy

The Masked Singer has banned these costumes for their controversy

Amid the incredible outfits masking one’s identity, The Masked Singer reportedly banned a certain costume from entering the FOX stage.

Celebrities, actors and singers are on the judges’ radar, as they basically become detectives by trying to figure out who’s behind the mask.

Recent shocking news has it that some colourful, unique costumes have actually sparked some controversy behind closed doors, though.

It was so extreme that producers just could not allow the initial outrageous outfit to be shown on camera, and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

The Masked Singer: Banned outfits

A Jester costume was almost banned from making the stage, as per TMZ.

Although it is set to make its mark during season six of The Masked Singer, viewers will not see the original outfit that had been made previously.

Most of the costume will stay the same, however the ‘below section’ won’t appear how it did to producers when rehearsals took place…

In other news, there have been some other banned outfits on the show, which did not make it to the design stage. Spreading across the USA and UK show versions, they include:

  • A costume that was considered “too raunchy” on the ITV show
  • Idea for a wolf in sheepskin was a “bit too much

The Jester costume is not the first ‘bulge’ to distract its surroundings, as Justin Hawkins’ Chameleon outfit distracted viewers down there.

Why the Jester outfit was almost banned

The bulge – situated underneath the waist line – was just “too hot for TV”, and perhaps could have been a little too much for FOX viewers.

During rehearsals, producers decided the bulge could not be aired on TV, and had to be changed to minimize the Jester’s below section.

It appeared to be a codpiece to protect his you know what. To be fair, lots of children watch the show, and it would likely have been inappropriate.

Usually, the reasoning behind any banned outfits on The Masked Singer are due to them being too raunchy or slightly controversial for viewers.

Twitter guesses Jester’s identity

Since Jester showed his mask on The Masked Singer, fans have continuously been making guesses about what their real identity is…

One fan made their bets and wrote: “The costume reminds me of Pennywise from IT, so I’ll say Bill Skarsgard.”

After the news that the Jester bulge was removed from the costume, a viewer had something to say – with lots of suspicion.

They said: “kind of makes me wonder who is under this mask.”

Another guess is Paul Reubens, the 69-year-old American actor. Well, we’ll have to see the person behind the mask soon!

Our take is that, if they had a ‘bulge’ to hide, it’s likely to be a male.



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