The Ultimatum: Queer Love follows five couples as they find out whether expanding their horizons will make or break their relationship. The cast members have remained tight-lipped on their fates, but fans suspect one couple is still together.

Following the success of The Ultimatum season 1, Netflix has returned with a second season featuring an all-queer cast made up of female and non-binary couples.

The Ultimatum: Queer Love revolves around difficult decisions as the five unsure pairs decide whether to get married or end the romance. One-half of each couple has offered their partner an ultimatum as their significant other is hesitant to settle down.

It is the ultimate test as the 10 members date their co-stars. Fans have been bombarding the cast for answers and so far, it’s unknown which original couples made it to the finish line. That being said, Netflix viewers suspect one fan-favorite pairing is not together despite sparks flying immediately.

Xander Boger, Vanessa Papa sitting on a stone bench outdoors in The Ultimatum: Queer Love
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Yoly hints she and Xander are not together after The Ultimatum: Queer Love

Yoly and Xander have become a beloved couple among fans who have been shipping the duo “since day one”.

Fashion stylist Yoly Rojas joined the Netflix show with her partner of three years, Mal Wright. The 34-year-old issued the ultimatum to Mal, who preferred to be more financially stable before tying the knot.

After their breakup, Yoly went on to date Xander and quickly discovered they shared similar views and even became intimate in a recent episode. Like Yoly, Xander was also ready to settle down with their partner, Vanessa Papa.

However, Yoly’s Instagram update hints that she and Xander never became official. The TV star posted “tender” behind-the-scenes photos of their “trial marriage” on Instagram.

“I can’t!” a fan wrote. “You two look amazing together. You’re literally glowing with Xander. Hope you both get something valuable from each other.”

A second added: “Pleeeeeeeease tell me that y’all are still together.”

However, since the Netflix stars are likely contractually prohibited from sharing their final fates until the show has finished, fans are speculating that Xander and Yoly never became a couple. This means that Yoly and Mal may have reunited.

“This kinda makes me sad because it probably means they [Yoly and Xander] aren’t together,” a disappointed follower commented.

“Yeah they’re making it pretty obvious,” another wrote in response.

Vanessa Papa blasted for ‘performative’ apology

The latest episode saw the cast regroup after their respective trial marriage periods. Vanessa matched with Rae and even got intimate, prompting Rae’s original partner, Lexi Goldberg, to label Vanessa Papa as fake.

Lexi accuses her of appearing on the show for the “wrong reasons” and wanting clout. Vanessa soon apologized to the group, but Yoly, who is paired with Vanessa’s original partner, Xander, labeled her attempt to mend the tension “performative”.

Vanessa defended her actions in an interview with E News, stating: “What reasons could I be here for? I literally tried to ask this question and no one was able to answer it.”

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