Vanessa Papa and Xander on The Ultimatum: Queer Love is testing their relationship, but a co-star has formed their own opinions of the Netflix couple. The two have been together the longest out of the entire cast.

The Netflix show soared in popularity after The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On streamed on the platform. Now, a spin-off is following a line-up of new couples, where one partner is more in favor of tying the knot than the other.

Vanessa Papa and her partner Xander on The Ultimatum: Queer Love is now facing opinions from co-star, Lexi. She claims that Vanessa is “fake” and looking for “clout,” so what’s going on?

*** Warning: Spoilers below ***

Vanessa Papa smiles with leg crossed over the other, while Xander Boger also smiles with arm around Vanessa, both sat on cream sofa.
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Vanessa and Xander on The Ultimatum

Vanessa Papa and Xander Boger knew each other at high school and knew each other for years before making it official. They’ve been together for four years but hadn’t spoken for ages, and reconnected through their boyfriends.

Personal trainer Xander, based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, gave influencer Vanessa, who lives in Los Angeles, The Ultimatum. Xander originally asked Vanessa not to join the show so they wouldn’t have to see other people.

Xander confessed that she could not picture Vanessa with anyone else, but the latter refused her offer. She told Xander that it “wouldn’t solve anything” in their relationship, as Xander wanted to get married, but Vanessa wanted “freedom.”

Inside Queer Love couple’s relationship

Vanessa was very excited to meet other women as she had just begun to date Xander after coming out and was dating men before that. She dated Lexi and Rae in front of the cameras, who had just broken up with each other.

Ultimately, she chose to live with Rae for three weeks as her mock wife as she “calmed her,” and Rae also felt that Vanessa “would be a good wife.” Xander wants children and plans to break up with Vanessa if she does not agree.

Vanessa didn’t think her partner would try to connect with anyone else and warned Xander “not to get jealous,” encouraging them to explore anything that feels natural. Vanessa has no pictures of Xander on her Instagram page.

After Xander and Yoly embarked on their three-week fake marriage trial run, they slept together, which led to a lot of confusing issues in her relationship with Vanessa. Now, Xander also has zero pictures with Vanessa online.

Vanessa called ‘fake’ by her co-star

Vanessa is accused of being on The Ultimatum: Queer Love for the “wrong reasons.” Shortly before the cast gets together to pick who they each want to spend the next three weeks with, Lexi accuses Vanessa of being fake.

She says that Vanessa is here for clout. There’s even a shot of Vanessa telling someone at a cocktail party that she’s an “influencer.” But Xander explains to the rest of the group that she knows who her girlfriend is.

Vanessa has quickly been labeled the “villain” of the Netflix series. Fans think she changed quickly, having moved on quickly with other potential partners, especially when Vanessa refused Xander’s offer to leave the show early.


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