100 Humans fans go crazy for Tic Tac Toe song - Human #28 is about to go viral!

As Love Is Blind becomes a memory of the not-so-distant past, Netflix has made way for a brand new experimental reality series, this time swapping the romance for science.

100 Humans dropped to the streaming site on Friday, March 13th and with pretty much the whole world on lockdown, many spent their whole weekends binge-watching the series.

One of the most memorable participants on the show was Human #28 who was known for his larger than life personality and his propensity to burst into song.

So, who is Human #28? Find out more about the 100 Humans star here, plus see that iconic ‘Tic Tac Toe’ scene that everybody is talking about!

Screenshot: 100 Humans S1 E3 – Netflix

Human #28 on 100 Humans

Human #28 is Ty Snow. Ty’s description on the show was that of a special education teacher who lives in Pasadena, California.

Ty – AKA Human #28 – is also an actor and reality TV personality who has starred in 13 game shows and 4 reality shows over the years. One of the series Ty starred in was gameshow Worst Cooks in America back in 2016.

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

In Ty’s Twitter bio, he states that he’s also a gospel singer and choir director. No wonder he impressed with his on the spot musical numbers in 100 Humans!

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Tic Tac Toe song on 100 Humans

In episode 3, when testing which gender uses more words to explain the game Tic Tac Toe – to find out which is chattier – Ty went what was beyond necessary when describing the game. He went into details about what equipment to use, and then later broke into a song about the game!

Ty’s Tic Tac Toe song went a little like this:

Tic-tac-toe, tic-tac-toe

Love to play the game, tic-tac-toe

It’s nice when you play, put the “X” next to the “O”

The “O” next to the “X” call it tic-tac-toe

You’ll have a lot of fun, wherever you go

Playing this great game called tic-tac-toe

Does Human #28 have Instagram?


We found Human #28 – AKA Ty Snow – on Instagram, where he has been posting all about his time on 100 Humans.

You can follow Human #28 @therealtysnow where he already has over 1,700 followers and counting. This figure is correct as of publication date.




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