I Am A Killer: What happened with Toby Williams? Where is he now?

Netflix is at the top of the game when it comes to true-crime documentaries. Some viewers wonder what happened with Toby Lynn Williams from I Am A Killer.

From compelling docu-series like Trial 4 and Inside World’s Toughest Prisons to more recent mysteries such Night Stalker, the streaming platform has released a variety of true crime dramas.

I Am A Killer is one of Netflix’s more unusual crime series, as rather than figuring out who the killer really is in the case, these murderers have already confessed to their crimes and are serving out time behind bars.

The final episode of the second season ‘Something hideous’ features Toby Williams but what happened with him? Where is he now in 2021?

Toby Williams on I Am A Killer, Netflix

Who is Toby Williams?

Toby Williams grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana.

He had a troubling childhood and revealed he discovered that his mother was actually his grandmother, while his father was in prison for murder.

Toby ran away from home when he was 9 years old and was on his own while growing up. “My criminality was basically about survival,” he says on the Netflix docu-series. “I had to steal and rob.”

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He received a ‘juvenile life sentence’ for an armed robbery/attempted murder at the age of 15 and was released just before he turned 20 years old.

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What did Toby Williams do?

Toby decided to rob his employer Johnny Moore and his wife, Deborah Moore, one night at their home but things didn’t go as planned.

He drove the Moore family to a deserted road in Texas to give the impression that the suspect is a Texan, before shooting Deborah and Johnny. Deborah died, while Johnny survived the gunshot wounds.

Toby was arrested four hours after the crime and charged with kidnapping and murder with a deadly weapon.

He initially received a death sentence but that was later annulled because of Toby’s mental incompetence.

Toby Williams, I Am A Killer on Netflix

Where is Toby Williams now?

Toby is serving a life sentence and is still in prison in Lone Star State to this day. He has been denied parole five times so far.

Show Snob (via the Texas Tribune) reports that Toby’s projected release date as of last year is 1/1/9999.



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