Meet Netflix's Too Hot to Handle cast on Instagram - Chloe, Francesca, Kelz!
Screenshot: Too Hot To Handle | Season 1 | Official Trailer - Netflix YouTube

Meet Netflix's Too Hot to Handle cast on Instagram - Chloe, Francesca, Kelz!

Just when you thought Love Is Blind was the craziest dating show Netflix could come up with, Too Hot to Handle enters the scene.

The bizarre new dating series will whisk away the reportedly “sexiest singles in the world” to a dreamy holiday destination. While there, they will pursue love just like any other dating show, but then there’s the twist.

In Too Hot to Handle, the singles have to resist any physical intimacy while on the show. That means, no kissing, no sex, nothing. If they do engage in anything physical, then the prize money will drop.

So who are the cast of ten singles taking on Too Hot to Handle season 1? We found them on Instagram!

Screenshot: Too Hot To Handle | Season 1 | Official Trailer – Netflix YouTube

Too Hot to Handle: Season 1 cast

  • Francesca
  • Kelz
  • Chloe
  • Rhonda
  • Harry
  • David
  • Nicole
  • Matthew
  • Hayley
  • Sharron

Screenshot: Chloe in Too Hot To Handle | Season 1 | Official Trailer – Netflix YouTube

Get to know the Too Hot to Handle cast on Instagram

As with big dating shows such as Love Island and Love Is Blind, the majority of the Too Hot to Handle cast are already have well-established online presences.

Some are actors, models, or CEOs of businesses. Some clearly have Instagram influencer status with well over 300,000 followers… get to know the cast here!


Vancouver native Francesca Farago spends her time between her hometown and Los Angeles.

She works as a model, influencer, and has her own clothing line called Farago the Label. Farago the Label is an up and coming ethical, sustainable, biodegradable, eco-friendly & PETA-approved swimwear line. Francesca’s clearly got her head screwed on straight when it comes to her morals, but will she be able to resist temptation on Too Hot to Handle?

Instagram: @francescafarago


Kelechi – or Kelz – is from the UK but is a professional American football player. Standing at 6 foot 6, Kelz is definitely going to be tough to miss!

From his Instagram, we found that Kelz has Nigerian and Austrian heritage.

You can follow Kelz on Instagram @kelechidyke.


Chloe Veitch is a model and Insta influencer hailing from Essex, UK. She was born on March 5th, 1998 making her 22 years old.

When she’s not in front of the camera modelling, Chloe has pursued a career in acting and the performing arts.

Check out Chloe on Instagram to find out more about her @chloeveitchofficial.


Rhonda Paul is originally from Georgia, USA. She is the founder and CEO of PureluXX, a jewellery brand.

Follow Rhonda on Instagram @imrhondapaul.

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Originally from County Cork, Ireland but now living in Greenwich, London, Nicole O’Brien is another cast mate taking on the series.

Self-described on her Instagram as a “public figure,” we take that to mean Nicole is a full-time influencer.

Follow her @nicole.ob.


Harry Jowsey is the only Aussie taking on the show for season 1, and already he’s a seasoned reality TV star. Previously, Harry starred in New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island. 

The Australian lad now lives in Los Angeles.

Follow Harry on Instagram @harryjowsey.


You can’t have a dating series without a fitness instructor, it’s imperative that the two go together.

David Birtwistle is a fitness and nutrition coach and the CEO at Endeavour Life LTD. He is originally from the UK.

Find out more about David on Instagram @david.birtwistle.


Less is known about Hayley Cureton, other than that she is a model and aspiring actress from Florida. She is currently at college and has spoken on the show about being in a sorority.

Keep up to date with Hayley on Instagram @hayley.cure.


Matthew Stephen Smith has had one of the most varied careers of all the contestants.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Matthew moved to L.A. in 2011 and found a new career as a model and actor. Previously, Matthew had worked in landscape architecture. Matthew has starred in shows such as New Girl and as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model cycle 21.

Follow him @matthewstephensmith.


It is unconfirmed what exactly Sharron Townsend does for a living, but the US native models and has starred in music videos. He even has his own fan pages!

Find out more on IG @sharrontownsendofficial.





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