Too Hot To Handle fans are rooting for Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa to still be together now that season 4 has ended.

The final episodes of the Netflix show dropped on Wednesday, December 15 and only one couple was crowned winner of the season.

Nick and Jawahir had some ups and downs during their time on the show, in the beginning even kissing other people. So let’s find out if there’s any clues out there about whether they’re still together.


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Nick and Jawahir on Too Hot To Handle

Nick and Jawahir are both original cast members of Too Hot To Handle season 4.

Hailing from Michigan, Nick is a yoga-loving, meditation-practicing singer. Jawahir, meanwhile, is a model who lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The two had the odd hiccup in their time on the show, including when Shawn Wells joined the show as a bombshell. However, Nick and Jawahir were together when the show ended.

Who won Too Hot To Handle season 4?

As season 4 episode 10 rolled around, fans were keen to find out who was going to win the prize fund the contestants had been doing their best to protect all season.

The final saw Creed McKinnon axed from the show as he was entertaining romances with Imogen Ewan and Flavia Laos during the show.

He said: “A bit of me wants to come clean but the other part of me is like no no no.”

After Creed left, only two couples made it to the season 4 final. They were accompanied by their cast mates including Brittan Byrd, James Pendergrass, Imogen, Flavia, Nigel Jones, Dominique Defoe, and Shawn.

Out of Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose, and Nick and Jawahir, it was Nick and Jawahir who were crowned this year’s winners.

The couple bagged themselves $89,000.

Fans ‘hope’ Nick and Jawahir are still together

If there’s any couple Too Hot To Handle fans want to see together, Nick and Jawahir take top spot there too. Fans have taken to Twitter to write how much they’re rooting for the pair to still be in a relationship after the show.

One fan tweeted: “I hope Jawa and Nick are still together.”

Another sounded more urgent: “I need to know if Nick and Jawahir are still together!”

A third fan tweeted: “Hope Jawahir and Nick are still together. I’ve got a lot (not really) invested in this para-social relationship I’ve placed myself in the middle of.”

Nick and Jawahir haven’t posted an official statement or photo to show they’re still a couple. However, they have left the odd hint via Instagram that they’re still on good terms.

Capital FM reports Jawahir replied to a fan’s question on her Instagram Stories about whether she and Nick were still together. Jawahir wrote: “I promise you all – you will all find out soon. Bear with us and enjoy the next amazing episodes.”

Jawahir also wrote on one of Nick’s Instagram posts, which could hint at them still being in contact.

Here’s more hopes from Too Hot To Handle fans:



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