Too Hot To Handle season 4 won’t see one winner walk away with top spot – the show’s prize fund will be split between the remaining cast members.

Unlike some dating shows such as Love Island, there won’t be one couple crowned 2022 winners.

Too Hot To Handle is more focused on the group of contestants as a whole, how many rules they break and how much of the prize fund they can manage to keep throughout their Journey.

Too Hot To Handle previous winners

When Too Hot To Handle premiered in 2020, a whopping ten cast members won season 1 and split the prize fund of $75,000 (£61,000).

However, season 2 saw Marvin Anthony win the show alone and bag $55,000 all to himself.

The third Too Hot To Handle season wrapped in 2022 and saw Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson win the show. They walked away with $90,000 between them.

What are the Too Hot To Handle rules?

On Too Hot To Handle, the prize fund starts at $100,000.

The aim of the game is for contestants to form deeper connections with people than they usually would. In the Too Hot To Handle house, they have to abstain from any kind of sexual activity.

Each rule break on the show results in a loss from the group’s cash prize. A kiss, for example, could lose the group anything between $3,000 and $6,000.

Fans say Too Hot To Handle season 4 winner will ‘owe’ Lana

Physical connections on Too Hot To Handle season 4 clearly aren’t hard to find for cast mates. Cast members Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose were tested by virtual assistant Lana in episode 3 because they cost the group so much money with their rule breaks.

There have been rule breaks all over the shop during season 4 so far – everything from showers together to kisses.

One person took to Twitter to express fears season 4 would end early due to too many rule breaks. They tweeted: “Feels like this season’s winner is gonna OWE the show money and not WIN any.”

Others commented on how James is trying his best to stop cast mates breaking the rules: “James trying to keep everyone not to break any rules – he is so funny.”

Another tweeted they have an idea of who they want to win: “Nick and Jawahir are my winners – Idc about the rest #toohottohandle.”



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