Too Hot To Handle (THTH) season 4 star Kayla Richart is on the search for her perfect man. She thought she’d signed up for Wild Love, a false reality series hosted by Mario Lopez, but THTH fans are now wondering what her ethnicity is.

Kayla revealed on Too Hot To Handle that men become “obsessed” with her, and it seems fans are just the same. Many have called Kayla one of the “prettiest” girls on the season and, as a result, are asking about her background.

She revealed some insights into her family roots on the Netflix series while getting to know Seb. So what is Kayla’s ethnicity? Reality Titbit had a sneak peek into her life and found out about her Puerto Rican links.

Kayla Richart wears red bikini in front of blue sea waves.
Picture: Too Hot to Handle / Netflix

Kayla Richart – ethnicity

Kayla is of Puerto Rican ethnicity. Her nationality is American while the star is currently based in Los Angeles. However, her mom grew up and studied in Portland, Oregon, where Kayla was born in 2000.

Fans have been trying to figure out Kayla’s roots since she joined Too Hot To Handle season 4. When she revealed she is Puerto Rican, many were surprised and had no idea she had Caribbean roots.

The star, who says she “breaks hearts,” had one follower ask her on Instagram: “Are you really Puerto Rican?” Most fans frankly don’t care where Kayla comes from, she has simply been dubbed one of the “prettiest” ladies on THTH season 4 for her striking looks.

Too Hot to Handle – Kayla’s parents

Kayla shared a picture on TikTok of her mom, Angelina Rivera-Richart, and her dad taken in 2020 and asked followers whether they thought she looked anything like them. Most agreed Kayla shows a resemblance to both her mother and father.

Her mother sadly died in 2021 before her 60th birthday, when Kayla was 20 years old, as revealed by a Facebook tribute written by a family member. Growing up, Angelina was a student at MHCC in Portland and was in Puerto Cortes, Hondura, in 1991.

However, Kayla may be a little worried about what her mom might of thought of her THTH appearances. On the show she said: “I hope my parents don’t watch this!”

Kayla hasn’t just been compared to her parents online, but also to Georgia Hassarati from THTH season 3. One fan wrote on Twitter: “Too Hot To Handle’s new season Kayla looks like Georgia, who looks a little like Francesca.”

Kayla is a globetrotter and loves Hawaii

Kayla’s main base may be LA but she’s also paid visits to other tropical places such as Hawaii and Turks and Caicos. In May 2022, the Netflix star was enjoying the tropical delights of Honolulu once more. She then visited Maui in Hawaii in October 2021 after deciding she just had to revisit to soak up the sun again! We don’t blame her.

It took Kayla more than five hours to fly from her home to the Too Hot To Handle season 4 location. Since filming wrapped in summer 2022, she’s been enjoying the city of London, UK, and revealed she went to Taboo nightclub.



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