Who is Christina from Too Hot To Handle season 2? Ethnicity and age explored

Too Hot To Handle is back on Netflix, this time with more singletons who have no idea what kind of summer they’ve signed up for.

To trick the cast for its sophomore season, the Too Hot To Handle team have sold them the story that they are on ‘Parties in Paradise’. The fake reality show even has a host, Jeff Dye, to make it seem all the more real.

For the initial ten, the twist that they are, in fact, on Too Hot To Handle comes as a complete surprise. They signed up for a summer of partying and casual flings, which has been replaced with a summer in life lessons of love and respect. So, er, not quite what the cast members had in mind.

As with the first season, there are late additions to the cast. Season 2 sees Robert Van Tromp and Christina Carmela joining the others in Turks and Caicos. So, who is Christina? Let’s get to know the South African model better.

Screenshot: Christina in Too Hot To Handle S2 E4 – Netflix

Who is Christina from Too Hot To Handle season 2?

Christina Carmela is a model and pilot from Cape Town, South Africa. She is currently based in London, England.

As Christina explains in her initial THTH interview: “My dad’s Italian, my mom’s Portuguese but I was born in South Africa.”

This jet-setter isn’t concerned about stepping on anyone’s toes, as she declares she’ll go for whoever she wants. But she had her sights set on Welsh model Cam Holmes in her first episode. Will she snatch him away from Emily Miller?

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Christina’s age and career explored

You might be curious as to Christina Carmela’s age, as it is not immediately disclosed to the viewers.

One report states that Christina is 30 years old, as of this year.

She has been working as a pilot for the past 12 years, meaning she got her start in the aviation industry when she was around 18 years old. Christina trained at one of South Africa’s best flight schools. She was inspired to become a pilot because of her dad’s work. Christina never wanted an office job, but to be paid to travel the world.

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Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Yes, you can follow Christina Carmela on Instagram!

Even before stepping into the THTH villa, Christina had already established herself a large internet following. This is undoubtedly to increase after her appearance on the Netflix reality show.

As of publication date, Christina Carmela has over 60,000 followers on Instagram.

If you’re a fan of Christina’s and are looking to find out more about her life outside the reality series – including a look at her work as a pilot – you can follow her on Insta. Check out her profile @christinacarmelaofficial.



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