Emily Ratajkowski and Kelz: Too Hot to Handle reunion reveals online connection

Emily Ratajkowski and Kelz: Too Hot to Handle reunion reveals online connection

When Netflix’s latest dating show venture Too Hot to Handle launched on Friday, April 17th, it quickly became one of the most talked-about shows in the world. They even landed their own segment on Gogglebox, which is always a good indicator of which shows have topped the ‘popular’ list.

So after binge-watching the first series in a blink of an eye, Too Hot to Handle fans naturally wanted a reunion episode to debrief all that juicy gossip with the cast. And Netflix has pulled through once again, as even amidst the global pandemic they are still rolling out top content: they launched the reunion episode on Friday, May 8th!

Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot saw the show’s narrator Desiree Burch interview the cast of season 1 on all their favourite (and most scandalous) moments.

Kelz, AKA The Account, spoke with Desiree about his time on the show and the worldwide attention he has received after. But Desiree couldn’t help bring up that Kelz has caught the attention of a worldwide supermodel. So, what is the connection between Kelz and Emily Ratajkowski?

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E9 – Netflix

Kelz on Too Hot to Handle

Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke, the 26-year-old senior recruitment consultant and American football player from London. He became known as “The Account” on Too Hot to Handle, as he was one of the few contestants who did not break the rules while on the show.

However, Kelz was tempted as he reveals to Desiree on the Extra Hot reunion. Speaking about his fling with Francesca Farago, Kelz said:

It was a mix between “Kelz, resist” and “Kelz, do it.” If not, my friends are not going to rate me anymore… I was so close to blowing the budget. It was hard.

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Kelz and Emily Ratajkowski

On the reunion, Desiree Burch said: “I’ve seen that video of Emily Ratajkowski who says that she’s massively into you.”

Kelz, clearly happy with the news that one of the world’s top supermodels and actresses has a thing for him, was quick to clear up his thoughts on the matter.

Kelz joked: “I don’t really want to comment on my relationship with Emily at the moment. It’s still early days.”

Obviously this was a joke, as Emily Ratajkowski, 28, is married to Sebastian Bear-McClard. However, many viewers who missed Kelz and Desiree’s joke took to the internet to share their shock at the joke coupling.

Emily has been married to Sebastian since 2018.

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What did Emily Ratajkowski say about Kelz?

Unconfirmed. It’s likely that Emily made these comments about Too Hot to Handle on an Instagram story or live video, as we could not find evidence of her Kelz comments on any Instagram posts or Twitter.

It’s likely that Emily shared her thoughts on the series when it aired back in April 2020.

However, as Emily does not follow Kelz on Instagram, the connection between the two can’t be all that significant.




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