Flavia Laos is no stranger to cameras, so joining the Too Hot to Handle season 4 cast wasn’t too different to her usual acting lifestyle. It was also not her first foray into reality TV when she rocked up to the Netflix dating series.

She thought she was applying for a fake show called Wild Love, but as it turns out, she accidentally signed up for THTH. The dating series is known for its no kissing, no touching rules, with any encounters risking some serious cash.

Flavia is now hoping to find love on Too Hot to Handle, but who is she? Well, she’s actually well-known as a Peruvian actress who has now travelled across the globe to find the man she’s been looking for.

Flavia Laos wears pink, yellow and green bikini on beach, holding her left hand to face.
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Meet Flavia Laos

Flavia is a Peruvian actress and star on Too Hot to Handle season 4. The 25-year-old hails from Lima, Peru, and moonlights a social media Influencer. Her Instagram account boasts over 4.7 million followers!

She also works as a television host, model and singer. Flavia has already appeared on three reality shows before the Netflix dating series, including Combate in 2015, Esto es guerra in 2017 and Reto De Campeones in 2016.

In 2019, Flavia released an EP called Despierta, and two singles in 2022, Ahora Me Llamas and Estar Contigo. She even reportedly won the 2022 People’s Choice Award for Latin influencer, Meaww reports.

Flavia on Too Hot to Handle

Flavia was added as a new entry to Too Hot to Handle season 4 to spice things up. Sebastian “Seb” Melrose was just getting to know Kayla Richard, but Flavia showed an interest in him after her entrance and chose him for a date.

The two had flirted a lot during the romantic outing on the beach. However, Seb declined to kiss Flavia during their date – despite the two being given a free kiss by Lana – in favor of his budding romance with Kayla.

However, Flavia quickly moved on to pursue Creed, who was with Sophie at the time. Flavia said Creed was “her type,” and she fancied him. This led to Creed calling things off with Sophie immediately after one day since Flavia’s entry.

Inside Flavia’s successful acting career

Flavia soared to success as the winner of Miss Pequeñita in 2005, and hosted La Hora Warner from 2007 to 2009. She starred as herself in America Kids from 2002 to 2007, and in La Academia for two years from 2010, as well as:

She has also been in two films, including No me digas solterona in 2018, playing the role of Belén, and her most recent acting stint, El Niño Dios in 2021 as Olimpia. Now, she’s ventured into more reality TV on Too Hot to Handle!

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