When Too Hot to Handle launched on Netflix on Friday, April 17th, many took it upon themselves to find out everything they could about the cast; ten ridiculously good looking singles in a sunny Mexican paradise, it’s not hard to see why.

These beauties were handpicked for their good looks and their overwhelming sex drives, so they could put their will power to the ultimate test over the one month experiment.

Nowadays it’s no shocker that reality TV contestants have surgery done before they appear on television. Given the popularity of procedures from lip fillers to boob jobs, not just on our screens but in the current definition of ‘attractiveness’, many now have this work done to attain the “Instagram face.”

The Too Hot to Handle cast members have conversations consistently about what they find physically attractive in a partner, which, no surprise, has lead to discussions online about the cast’s appearances. And the question of whether or not Francesca Farago has had surgery keeps arising. So, what has Francesca said about the work she’s had done?

Screenshot: Too Hot To Handle | Season 1 | Official Trailer – Netflix YouTube

Francesca and Chloe talk surgery

In the very first episode, when everyone was still getting to know each other, the editors included a scene in which Chloe Veitch and Francesca discussed Francesca’s boob job.

Chloe asked: “How big were they before?” To which Francesca replied: “They were big.”

Now, as they did not say specifically what work Francesca had done, it could be that Francesca had a boob reduction rather than enhancement. But Francesca has now gone on to explain that she did have a boob job.

Following Francesca’s switch to a plant-based diet, she lost a lot of body fat, and so had a boob job to go back to her original size.

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Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E1 – Netflix

Fans start looking for pictures of Francesca before surgery

As social media has become the main method of documenting our lives over the past decade or so, it’s very easy for old photos to resurface as we’ve seen happen with other reality stars. This is particularly prevalent when the star in question has had surgery or majorly altered the way they look, as we saw happen with Eve and Jess Gale from Winter Love Island.

And so with that in mind, it’s no surprise that Too Hot to Handle fans are already on the hunt for old photos of the cast.

When we took a scroll through Francesca Farago’s 600+ Instagram posts, stretching back to 2014 (when she was just 19 years old), not too much has changed about her.

Francesca addresses surgery question in follow-up video

In her first-ever YouTube video, Francesca Farago cleared up what procedures she has had done, noting that her high school pictures were coming out.

Francesca said:

I got my boobs done in Bangkok, Thailand three years ago with my best friend Erica. We were just travelling and didn’t even really plan to do it, and we found out one day that it was really cheap there and then all of a sudden we were getting the surgery… Of course I get my lips injected. I’ve been doing it for probably four years now.

Francesca also confirmed that she did not have a nose job and didn’t have any surgery on her jaw. She does, however, have filler injected into her chin to remove her ‘bum chin’ and gets botox done.



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