What plastic surgery has Haley Cureton had? Too Hot to Handle star looks different at the reunion

The Too Hot to Handle cast blessed us fans with what we’ve all been waiting for: a juicy reunion to dish on all the gossip from season 1.

Despite fears that a reunion might not be possible as TV productions have halted amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix somehow managed to rustle up a long-distanced reunion hosted by the show’s hilarious narrator Desiree Burch.

One of the Too Hot to Handle stars who viewers were most looking forward to seeing on the reunion (Friday, May 8th) was Haley Cureton. Haley, the antagonist of the series who lasted just around half the experiment, was the sorority girl we all loved to hate. She poked holes in the experiment, butted heads with her fellow cast mates, and lost money just for the sake of it. Now that’s our kind of reality star.

But Haley’s return to the series was not without questions, as many noted that she looked incredibly different. While we’d like to think that many viewers want to find out more about Haley’s life and what she’s up to now, many of us just want to know the answer to the big question: has Haley Cureton had plastic surgery?

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E9 – Netflix

Haley talks surgery on Too Hot to Handle

In the Netflix dating series, Haley Cureton mentioned that she was keen to use the prize money for plastic surgery. Haley said she was keen to have a nose job.

She, unlike some of the other stars like Francesca Farago, did not talk about having work done already.

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In episode 1, when hearing of the $100,000 prize fund, Haley said:

I’m gonna make sure I get my money. I’m gonna get my nose job, get my credit card bill paid off. No more debt for me.

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Haley Cureton: Plastic surgery

Since Haley appeared on the Too Hot to Handle reunion, many viewers have speculated that she’s had plastic surgery. Given that the show was filmed back in May 2019, it well could be that Haley has had some physical alterations over the past year.

And you’ll have to remember that this is Haley we’re talking about; Haley, who got a back tattoo in a language she didn’t even know, isn’t the most cautious when it comes to physical alterations.

The main speculation is that Haley has had a boob job and lip fillers. AIt’s likely that Haley had lip fillers before she entered the show, her pout has definitely plumped again over the past year. Haley has not confirmed or denied having any work done.

One viewer tweeted that “haley got work done to look more Francesca,” who has also been candid about her plastic surgery.

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Haley on the Too Hot to Handle reunion

Haley Cureton was fully in the limelight in the Too Hot to Handle reunion. Desiree Burch took the opportunity to chat with Haley about her reluctance to participate in the experiment.

And Haley continued her performance of reality TV antagonist, dishing out “home truths” on her cast mates.

One of Haley’s best lines from the reunion, which has circulated on Twitter is a comment on the experiment. Haley said:

I’m not that serious of a person; life’s not that serious. The whole, like, growing and learning about yourself, that’s just not me.

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E9 – Netflix





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