What university does Haley from Too Hot to Handle go to? Check out the Florida sorority!
Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E1 - Netflix

What university does Haley from Too Hot to Handle go to? Check out the Florida sorority!

Too Hot to Handle, Netflix’s latest reality series, arrived just in time to get us through the self-isolation period. And with themes of not being able to touch one another, it feels particularly on the nose.

All eight episodes of the series dropped to Netflix on Friday, April 17th.

A vast majority have already binge-watched our way through all the eight episodes, calling out our favourite couples and desperate to find out who has made it in the real world. Whether you’re a ‘Frarry’ fan or ship Rhonda and David over Rhonda and Sharron, there were plenty of couples to get behind in this series.

But not all the participants were lucky in love, like Haley Cureton, who – spoiler – was booted off the series just after the halfway mark.

Despite the fact Haley wasn’t around all too long on our screens, she certainly made an impression, with her sorority girl pettiness and penchant for stirring up trouble. But what university did Haley go to? Find out about her background here!

Haley, Chloe and David on Too Hot to Handle

Who is Haley Cureton?

Haley is a 22 year old from Jacksonville, Florida who is both an aspiring model and actress.

She was born in March 1998, with some reports saying Haley was born on March 2nd.

You can find out more about Haley on Instagram under the handle @haley.cure.

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What university did Haley go to?

  • University of North Florida

Haley was a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority – an organisation that dates back to 1898 and aims to raise awareness about breast cancer education.

In episode 1, Haley talked about her sorority. She said:

You have to be fun, you have to be outgoing… you kind of need to have good grades, too.

In December 2018, Haley was named “COED Girl of the Day,” a title one apparently earns from being an Instagram influencer and a “standout student.” She received this achievement for having just over 28,000 followers at the time.

Haley on Too Hot to Handle

Haley may not have found love while on the Netflix series – in fact, she made a lot of enemies it would seem, constantly bickering with the likes of Rhonda Paul and Matthew Stephen Smith – but found a bestie in Canadian model Francesca Farago.

Francesca and Haley even had one of the ‘OMG’ moments of the series, where they decided to kiss to lose the group $3,000. Now that’s the reality TV pettiness we all love to see!

When Lana decided Haley’s time on the retreat was up, she announced to the group:

Haley. I have been evaluating your performance so far. Having a positive impact on the group as a whole: fail. Showing signs of personal growth: fail. Obeying the rules: fail.

But despite the fact Haley left halfway, she’s become one of the most talked about and most iconic cast members from Too Hot to Handle season 1. Now that’s a win in our eyes.




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