What is Harry Jowsey's clothing brand? Too Hot to Handle star launches 'Naughty Possums'

Following the worldwide success of Too Hot to Handle, it hardly comes as a surprise that the participants would go on to use their newfound fame to pursue new business ventures.

From careers as Instagram influencers to launching their own collabs with big brands, the Too Hot to Handle cast are already reaping the benefits of appearing on a popular reality TV show.

One of the contestants who had already experienced finding fame as the winner of New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island was Harry Jowsey. But now Harry’s fame has expanded from just the Southern Hemisphere to the rest of the world, he has taken it upon himself to launch a new business.

Find out about Harry’s clothing brand, Naughty Possums, here!

Harry Jowsey

What is Harry’s clothing brand?

Following Harry’s appearance on the Netflix dating show, he launched a brand called Naughty Possums which features clothing with some of Harry’s slogans from the show.

Some of the best sellers include hoodies with the slogan “boyfriend d***” and “butter chickens.”

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More of the t-shirts have some of Harry’s classic phrases such as “naughty possums” on them. Harry also sells phone cases.

Check out the Naughty Possums website here.

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Screenshot: Naughty Possums website

What have Too Hot to Handle fans said about Naughty Possums?

Harry’s catchphrase “naughty little possum” divided many viewers. Some found his cute little adlibs hilarious, others found it nauseating. We ever devised a drinking game around how many times Harry says “naughty little possum” throughout the show!

When news broke that Harry Jowsey was releasing Naughty Possums merch, some fans went wild.

One fan tweeted: “Just want Harry Jowsey to call me a naughty possum and give me some merch”. Another added: “Harry officially has “Naughty Possum” merch! Yasss”

Whether you like the phrase or not, it’s definitely selling well, with five-star reviews all across the website!

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Follow Harry Jowsey for updates

Harry Jowsey hasn’t flashed his Naughty Possums merch all over Instagram, despite the fact he now has an audience of over 1.4 million. Harry has merely placed the link in his bio.

Follow Harry on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest on the reality star and to see what other projects he has up his sleeve.

Check him out @harryjowsey.




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