How much does Francesca Farago make? Too Hot to Handle cast make thousands from Instagram!

When Netflix decided to step into the world of reality TV, no one could have predicted the success they’d find in the genre. With major networks to compete with and carbon-copy formats to adhere to, it looked like there was no more room in the reality TV game. But like anything the creators at Netflix set their minds to, they’ve struck gold with their new dating shows.

Love Is Blind was the unprecedented smash hit at the start of the year and Too Hot to Handle has followed as the show’s naughtier, more frothy (or trashy, your call) sibling.

Both shows have raked in millions of viewers and made stars of the participants. As with major reality shows such as Love Island, the casts of both Netflix dating shows are now making a killing financially from the show and have pretty much secured careers as Instagram influencers.

Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle has seen her already lucrative Instagram career rocket to a whole new level. So how much does Francesca make from Instagram? We spoke with digital performance agency Attain about the cast’s potential earnings since Too Hot to Handle aired.

Harry and Francesca – Too Hot to Handle

Francesca Farago talks Instagram career

In episode 4 of Too Hot to Handle, when Kelz asked Francesca what she did for work, the model replied: “Umm… Instagram.”

Surprised, Kelz continued to ask whether Francesca actually made a lot of money from that line of work to which she replied: “I make a f***ing killing.”

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It was the next line which stirred up many fans as Francesca announced that she was “not really concerned about [losing] the money” on the show. She definitely wasn’t bothered about getting her cut at the end…

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Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E4 – Netflix

Screenshot: Too Hot to Handle S1 E4 – Netflix

How much does Francesca make from Instagram?

Attain has done research into the potential earnings of the Too Hot to Handle cast from Instagram, and found that Francesca Farago is set to make the most money.

In fact, they found that Francesca could be earning over £735,000 per year from Instagram alone. This is based on her rate of posting for the first 3 months of 2020.

Attain found that: “Francesca & Harry are set to earn upwards of £6,500 and £5,200 respectively per post.” Now that’s a pretty good foundation for the couple’s life together!

Francesca’s Instagram following has risen from 300,000 to 3.1 million, which is a 933.33% increase. Before the show aired, Francesca could make just over £500 per post, now it is over £6,500.

Harry’s Instagram following has risen from 140,000 to 2.4 million, which is a 1614.29% increase.

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Too Hot to Handle cast: Earnings from Instagram

Francesca and Harry are by far the biggest earners from Too Hot to Handle, but don’t get it twisted, as the rest of the cast have done pretty well for themselves.

Chloe Veitch has the largest following on Instagram after Harry and Francesca, and she also was the cast member with the fewest number of followers when she entered the show. Chloe’s Instagram following grew 34383% in just 10 days, taking her potential earnings from £5 per post to at least £2,000 a post.

Now that all of the cast have followings in the hundreds of thousands they can all make some serious money from sponsored Instagram posts.

All of the cast, except Bryce Hirschberg and Madison Wyborny, can make upwards of £1,000 per Instagram post.




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